Humanity Must Begin to Live Up to their True Potential

by Abbas Khan, et al


“Can you imagine what I could do
if I could do all I can?”
Sun Tzu
author of “The Art of War”


Self Thoughts & Your Potential

Potential.  All of us have a lot of potential to be more than we are now.  To do greater and better things than we do today.  Lack of potential is not the problem.  The problem is that we often doubt our potential and, thus, never do more and never become more than we are now.  Instead of saying, “Yes I can,” most of us tell ourselves “no I can’t.”  Can’t needs to be changed to Can!

Imagine what you could do in your life if you could do all you can?  Imagine what you might become.  Imagine what you might do for others and even for the world.  Potential is unlimited I believe.  We are what we THINK we are.  In contrast, we are not what we think we are not.

Thought and especially self thought is important.  Self thoughts are those things we think about ourselves.  They are those things we tell ourselves about ourselves in our own heads.  If we tell ourselves we are not worthy then we are not worthy.  We are not worthy because we’ve made ourselves unworthy via our own self thoughts.  We can easily change that by beginning to tell ourselves that we ARE worthy.  As we engage in this self thought we then become worthy.

Sadly many of us spend a lot of time putting ourselves down and cutting ourselves short.  We tend to focus on why we can’t instead of why we can.  Oh yes, we know all of our shortcomings and faults and we often allow them to stop us from reaching our highest potential.  As a result we live mediocre lives that we find somewhat dissatisfying and unfilling.  Happiness in its fullness escapes us and we become content with being something less than our potential.

God Spirit doesn’t create mistakes!  There is not one human being on this earth who is a mistake or who was created by mistake.  That goes for both good and bad people.  All have a purpose.  All are created by divine intention.  All have potential.  We can make the choice to be our own worst enemy or our own best friend.  The choice as always is our own.  Those who make the choice to be their own worst enemy fail to live up to and manifest their true potential sadly.  Instead of engaging in self thought or self talk that uplifts them and that inspires and motivates them they engage in self demeaning and even self destructive thoughts.  The fail their potential and become something less instead of something more.

What we tell ourselves about ourselves has a great effect on our potential.  In fact it determines just how much we allow our potential to manifest from within us.  Telling yourself that you’re stupid is not condusive to bringing out your potential.  That is what I call self destructive thinking.  It’s also what I call being your own worst enemy.

I’ve dealt with many elderly people at the end of their lives and I’ve heard them many times express regret that they did not do more, that they were not more than they were.  So they pass on with such regrets in their mind knowing that they could have done and been more than they were.  Knowing that they didn’t live up to their own potential.  That’s sad.  If only they would have engaged in self supporting self talk and believed in their potential just think of what they might have done or been.  The possibilities are limitless!  If only they could have imagined what they could have done had they lived up to their potential.  What a different and more joyful life they might have had.  What a wonderful way they might have touched others and inspired them to live out their full potential.

Our thoughts are important.  Thoughts are energies.  Negative thoughts are dark energies while positive thoughts are light energies.  If you love darkness then have all the dark thoughts you wish and you’ll eventually find that you have made your own self miserable beyond belief.  In contrast, if you love positive light thoughts then let them flow through you and you will find that joy and happiness you so desire.  Happiness doesn’t come from outside of ourselves.  True and lasting happiness comes from within.  If you haven’t found joy and happiness in your life then you need to change your self thoughts and self talk.  You need to start becoming your own best friend.  You need to start telling yourself yes you can instead of no you can’t.

Are you living up to your potential or is it still lingering somewhere within you undiscovered and unrealized?  Can you imagine what you could do if only you could do all that you could?  Do you busy yourself by telling yourself you can’t?  Are you your own best friend or your own worst enemy?  And what might you become if you just let go and lived up to your potential?  How much joy and happiness might you bring to yourself and to all those loved ones around you?  The possibilities are LIMITLESS!


Do You Bring Light or Darkness?

“Hypocrisy, Arrogance, Pride, Anger, Harshness, and Ignorance:
these are the marks of those who are born with demonic qualities,
O Arjuna.”
(from the Bhagavad Gita)

Throughout history and every faith there are dark forces spoken of.  Christianity calls them “demons” or “fallen angels” or even “devils.”  Islam calls them the “Jinn.”  The ancient Gnostics called these dark forces the “archons.”  Whatever the faith each has spoken about dark forces.

The Bible says “God is Light” (1 John 1:5).  Light is energy.  The Bible also says “God is Spirit” (John 4:24) and it also says “God is Love (1 John 4:16).  So God is Light, Spirit, and Love.  Light is energy.  Specifically it is positive energy.  Therefore, we can say that darkness or evil is dark or negative energy or is void of energy altogether.  When I think of “demonic” I consider it to be anything that is of negative (dark) energy.

Things like mentioned in the above quote from the Gita are dark and negative energy.  They come from negative energy.  They certainly do not come from light or positive energy.  When we engage in hypicrisy, arrogance, pride, anger, harshness, and even ignorance then we are strengthening negative energy.  We are giving invitation for negative energy to enter into our consciousness and world.  Do we really need or want anymore of those things.

You can always tell someone who is overflowing with negative dark energy because typically they are hypocritical, arrogant and egotistical, angry, harsh, and psychospiritually ignorant.  These seem to be the hallmarks of such people who seem to enjoy spreading darkness in the world.  I suppose they are so miserable themselves that they desire company.  How could they possibly be joyful or happy when they surround themselves with such things?  The spiritually enlightened and awakened must make every effort to avoid hypocrisy, arrogance, pridefulness, anger, harshness, and ignorance.  These things seek to weaken and even destroy Light.  These things can and will diminish our spirits.  They will never empower our spirits contrary to what some people seem to think.  They eat away at and dim our spirits and minds.  They create misery both in our lives and in the lives of others.  If we truly desire peace and happiness in our lives then we must avoid these things.  We must reject them and consciously refuse to engage in them!

Sadly in our modern world many seem to esteem these very things of darkness, of the “demonic.”  We seem to love hypocrisy, to love arrogance and egotism, and we mistakenly think that pride is happiness and makes us look bigger than we really are.  Anger and rage are like a plague in much of our society today as is harshness and psychospiritual ignorance.  This is why we must educate not only ourselves but others too.  We each have a choice.  We can either bring more darkness into the world or more light.  Life is about choices as I’ve often said and that is true for the psychospiritual realm as well.  So let us make conscious and Light positive choices because, frankly, I don’t think the world needs anymore darkness right now.


Spirit is Our TRUE ESSENCE!!

I have always been one to lean more towards the esoteric side of things.  I’ve always tried to look beyond mere appearances and try to see the esoteric reasons behind the things we see in this world and in our lives.  That holds true when it comes to matters of faith and religion too with me.  I’ve never been one to interprete the Gospels, Torah, or Koran literally outside of physical historical events contained therein.  I’ve normally interpreted most of what these holy writs contain in terms of the esoteric nonliteral.  In doing so I’ve always found it amazing just how little people understand about what their holy books are trying to say and teach.  Sadly, many people have missed the teaching and the point altogether because they’ve failed to look beyond the physical and into the esoteric.  All of these writings are esoteric in nature so they must be interpreted in the esoteric context.  To interpret them in the physical or literal context skews the message badly and helps to keep us psychospiritually (psychologically and spiritually) ignorant.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about here.  I’ve heard it said again and again that we are physical bodies with spirits.  I’ve even heard self proclaimed “spiritual teachers” and ministers say this.  Sorry but they could not be more WRONG!  That is not true at all.  We are NOT physical bodies with spirits because we are NOT our physical bodies.  In fact we are SPIRITUAL BEINGS who are temporarily housed within physical bodies and having but a brief physical experience upon the grand scales of eternity.  This is far more accurate than the mistaken belief that we are physical beings first and foremost because our core essence is one of spirit not of the physical body.

What I’m talking about here is PERCEPTION and perception is very important because how we see ourselves determines what we experience in life and how we interprete and deal with that experience.  If you self perception is one of the physical body then we see ourselves as finite.  We see ourselves as limited in every aspect.  We see ourselves as growing from young to old which means we see ourselves in a state of deterioration.  Think about this.  Physically from the very moment we are each born we are dying.  That’s a pretty pessimistic truth but its a factual truth nevertheless!  From the moment we are born our physical bodies grow and deteriorate.  If we perceive of ourselves as our physical bodies then we buy into this death knowingly or unknowingly.  We claim we have life but if we identify with our physical bodies we have death not life.  The body is finite.  The body is limited.  The body is in a state of detioration.  That’s not so with spirit!

When our self perception is one in which we identify with spirit it’s an entirely different story.  We live our lives not from the perception of the physical but from the perception of spirit which is much much higher a perception than is the physical perception.  We understand and see things that thosse caught up in what I call “primal consciousness” do not see or understand.  We can see beyond appearances and beyond experiences and understand the higher meaning and intention.  Perception is important and how we perceiving our ourselves and of others sets the stage for our experiences.  When we perceive of ourselves as spiritual beings rather than as our physical bodies then we understand that the body is a simply a vehicle that we need to navigate through this physical world.  But we also understand the body is NOT us.  That we are NOT our bodies.  That even though we are in a physical body we remain as SPIRITUAL BEINGS that are eternal and infinite WITHOUT limit!

We can gain some insights into this from the Gospel of John which, in my opinion, is the most esoteric teaching in the entire Bible.  In fact, the Gospel of John originally was a Gnostic Gospel and over the centuries there have been efforts within the Christian Church to remove it from the Bible.  It’s amazing that it remains but not surprising.  John is a highly esoteric gospel and teaching and it remains because I believe it’s right where God desires it to be.  And, it is the only place in the Bible where it tells the believer that if we do as Christ did we can do even MORE!  That’s amazing!  What this tells us is that we can do all the things Christ did including the miracles.  But it says we can do even MORE than that!  Let that sink into your consciousness for awhile.  🙂

Getting back to spirit, John 4:24 says this:

“God is SPIRIT and those who worship Him MUST worship Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH!”

The Bible is quite clear.   So is the Koran.  God is not a physical being but a spiritual being.  We are not physical beings but spiritual beings as well.  Therefore to truly worship God we must do so in SPIRIT.  Sorry but all of our physical acts of worship alone just don’t cut it.  They are meaningless motions unless we worship too in spirit.  And that truth spoke of in this verse?  The truth is God is Spirit and so are we!

In John 4:23 we find this:

“The time is coming when the TRUE WORSHIPERS will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth and that time is here NOW!  You see, the Father too is ACTIVELY seeking such people to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.”

Again, we can go through all of the literal physical motions we desire.  We can engage in all the meaningless rituals we desire.  But none of it does any good because alone it is not worship.  It’s all just physical motions.  True worship is done in SPIRIT and that is the truth.  Why?  Because we are SPIRITUAL BEINGS at our core.  Because upon our creation the God SPIRIT put his breath (spirit) in us!  We are not our physical bodies at all.  They are but temporary vehicles much like automobiles.  When they wear out we cast them off and move on.  When they break down we must repair them just as a mechanic repairs a broken car.  Consider this.  You get in your car and drive but does that make you your car?  Of course not.  You’re still you even inside your car.  The same holds true with you in your body.  You (your spirit) gets in your body at birth but that doesn’t make you your body.  You’re still your spiritual self.  Realizing that you are spirit and not your body is important because it establishes your self and other PERCEPTION.

We are bombarded every moment of the day with messages on TV, on the Internet, in commercials that we are our bodies.  We are bombarded with messages that if we can’t see, taste, or touch it then whatever it is must not be real.  Most of us would do well to remember Christ’s teaching that even though we are IN the world, we are not OF the world.  Yes we are in the physical realm but we do not belong to it because, in truth, we belong to the SPIRITUAL REALM.  Once we start to identify with our physical bodies we are on the road to disappointment because the body grows old, detiorates, and dies.  BUT the spirit keeps on LIVING.  The spirit cannot die or detiorate because it is eternal just like it’s Creator.  This is what the powers of darkness in this world never want us to realize because if we do realize it then suddenly we have POWER and WISDOM.  And divine power and wisdom is what darkness fears most!

Raising our consciousness is raising ourselves out of the low level of primal consciousness.  That primal consciousness is focused on things like food, water, shelter, sex, etc.  Sadly this is the level of consciousness which most in the world today live in.  Few get past this basic physical focused consciousness and that is why so many see themselves today in terms of their physical bodies.  Ask them who and what they are and they will answer you in terms of their jobs and experiences.  They fail to understand that they are NOT their jobs or their experiences.  Their SELF PERCEPTION is focused on the physical realm even though there’s not one of us on this planet that truly comes from the physical realm at all.  We ALL come from the spiirtual realm and that’s why most of us have missed the boat all the way around.

We’ll be looking more at our true essence in future posts on this blog in the hopes that you open your eyes to your true essence and begin to formulate a much more perception of not just your own self but of all others around you too.  It’s very easy to get caught up in thinking we are our bodies and, sadly, when we walk down that road we are guaranteed disappointment, despair, and hopelessness because the physical body is in a state of decay from the very minute we are born.  Like I said earlier.  When we are born we begin to physically die.  The body, the automobile, is finite but our true spiritual essence is infinite!  If we truly desire to move beyond the low level of primal consciousness then this realization must be our first step.  We cannot achieve higher levels of consciousness for as long as we identify with our physical bodies.  We will only remain stuck in that primal consciousness.

Realize that you are spirit.  Realize that you are not your body.  Realize that you are truly a METAPHYSICAL being.  What’s that?  It means that you, that we, are multi-dimensional beings!  We are capable of operating on the emotional level of being.  On the psychological level of being.  In the physical realm of being.  AND we are all capable of operating in the SPIRITUAL realm of being too!  The mere fact that these facts are true proves beyond any shadow of doubt that we are multi-dimensional beings.  That we are “metaphysical” (meaning “beyond physical”) beings!

This world is “maya” meaning “illusion” just as the Master Teachers of the Far East have taught for centuries now to anyone who wishes to listen to the truth about this world and our existence and essence.  The illusion is that we are physical beings when, in fact, we are eternal spiritual beings.  The illusion is that what we see on this world is solid when, in fact, quantum physics has already proven beyond doubt that nothing on this earth is solid at all.  Inbetween the molecules that make up everything we see on this world there is space!  If things truly were solid then there would be no space between the molecules.  But there is space between them and that fact alone proves nothing is solid but only appears to be.  Illusion!  Maya!


The Spiritual War Zone

This is a war zone!  Specifically this is a psycho-spiritual war zone!  The weapons and modes of attack used on this world are both psychological and spiritual in nature and scope.  All of the great prophets and teachers of old knew and understood this and they tried desperately to make us understand this.  But, sadly, in most cases to no avail.  St Paul understood this and we know that from the Book of Romans when he spoke of using weapons not of this world.  He told people that the faithful do not fight with weapons made by human hands.  Sadly his wisdom and insight fell mostly on deaf and ignorant ears and even more sadly his message continues today to fall on mostly deaf and ignorant ears.

The Master Teachers of the Far East say that this world is “maya.”  That word means “illusion.”  Long have they taught that we create our own reality as individuals and as a collective of individuals.  Thus, reality is created on both the individual and societal or global level at the same time.  This is what is meant by the old saying, “be careful what you wish for as you just might get it.”  It is a warning to be ever so careful what reality you are creating as an individual and that we are creating as a global society.  Do we understand that?  Do we grasp the significance of that warning?  Sadly most of us do not.  What appears to be solid in this world is, in fact, not solid at all and we know this because quantum physics has proven that there is space inbetween molecules of any object and, thus, no object on this world is solid at all.

Jesus gave us many clues about all this.  He told his followers that even though we are IN this physical world that we are not OF this physical world because, in fact, we belong to the Kingdom of Heaven.  To me the term “Kingdom of Heaven” is a metaphor meaning “realm of spirit.”  In other words he was telling his followers that even though we are in this physical world that we do not belong to it because we belong to the realm of spirit or, to put it another way, we belong to the realm of spiritworld and spiritual existence.

Jesus and all the great prophets and teachers have all come to the same conclusions about human beings and human life.  That is this.  That we are NOT physical bodies with spirits but that we are spiritual beings only temporarily housed within physical bodies and having a physical experience upon the grand scales of eternity!  In other words, at the core of our being we are spiritual beings and spirit is our true and eternal essence!

Think about that concept and truth for a moment.  We have been made to believe that we are our physical bodies.  We’ve been made to believe that what we experience on this physical world is who we are.  When we think of who we are we tend to think in terms of our jobs, our hobbies, our lifestyles, etc.  But these things are NOT who we are really.  These are our experiences but our experiences are not us at all.  Our jobs, our past, our hobbies, our interests….these are all things that we experience on this physical plane but they are not who we are because they are not the core essence of our being.  The real core essence of our being is spirit!  Yes we are in the physical world but we are not of it.  We experience various things on this world but that does not mean thosse things are us. We are not our jobs.  We are not our hobbies!  We are spiritual beings that stand above and beyond these physical experiences.

Sadly, we live in a world of low consciousness.  Most people on this world go their entire lives dwelling in this state of low consciousness focusing on the basics and never getting beyond those basics.  Food, water, shelter, sex….these are the focus of low consciousness.  We might call this “primal consciousness” which is a low state of human consciousness.  Fight or flight is also in this realm of consciousness.  And, the failure to realize that we are something more than our bodies is also in this realm of low consciousness.  In this state we identify with our bodies.  We identify with what we can see, touch, and smell.  We identify our self perception with the physical and never look for anything beyond.  Living in this low state of “primal consciousness” is living in a state of “maya” (illusion).  And the illusion is that we are our bodies and our experiences.  But we are not.

Jesus himself spoke of this very thing several times during his ministry.  In the Gospel of John we find Jesus telling his followers that God is actively looking for people to “worship Him in spirit and in truth.”  He tells us this in John 4:23 which says this:

“The time is coming when the TRUE WORSHIPERS will worship the Father in SPIRIT AND TRUTH, and that time is here NOW!  You see, the Father too is actively seeking such people to worship Him.”

But Jesus had more to say about this psychospiritual existence of ours.  He went on in the very next verse to say this:

“God is SPIRIT, and those who worship Him MUST worship Him in SPIRIT AND TRUTH!”
(John 4:24)

What this means is that those who truly worship God do so or must do so in SPIRIT.  Worshipping God in body is not enough.  Going through all of the physical motions is not enough.  That’s not worship!  In order to truly worship God the Father we must do so in SPIRIT and in Truth!  Why?  Because God is Spirit and geuss what?  So are we!  Yes, spirits worshipping SPIRIT!  That is how God wishes us to see worship.  That is how God desires we see ourselves.  As spiritual beings not as physical beings.  God is Spirit and when He created us the Bible says He blew his breath into us.  What does that mean?  What is His breath?  God’s breath is SPIRIT and it cannot be anything else because God is Spirit!  So when God created us He blew some of His Spirit into us and thus making us Spiritual Beings.

Realizing this, realizing that we are spiritual beings at our core moves us into a state of higher consciousness and that higher state of consciousness can be termed as the “Kingdom of Heaven” or the “realm of spirit.”  Why?  Because realizing our true essence brings that essence into our consicousness out of the dark realms of our unconscious!  No longer is our spiritual essence some deep mystery that we do not understand but as we bring this realization more into our waking consciousness we gain greater and greater understanding both of ourselves and of God our Father, our Creator, who is Spirit.  This realization moves us beyond our “primal consciousness” and into the higher realm of conscious awakening as we realize what we really are and what we really are not.

John 14:17 has even more to say about all of this.  It says that the “Spirit of Truth” is rejected by the physical world because those stuck in primal consciousness can not see, hear, or taste the Spirit of Truth so they do not believe it is real.  But those who have moved into consciousness beyond the primal level know the Spirit  of Truth because they KNOW that spirit lives within them and that it is in them fully.  And what is this Spirit of Truth?  It is the HOLY SPIRIT!  It is that breath that God blew into you at the very time of your own creation.

“…the Spirit of Truth…the world cannot accept him because the do not see it or know it….but you know this Spirit because it lives with you and it is IN you.”  (John 14:17)

So what does all this have to do with the psychospiritual warfare that we are involved in on this physical world?  In short, if you do not realize what and who you truly are then you cannot effectively fight or stand against that psychospiritual war that surrounds us on this world.  If you do not realize what you are at your core then you cannot see the spiritual war that we are all involved in whether we believe it or not.  Realizing what we are and what we are not is of the utmost importance!

Fighting this spiritual warfare with physical weapons does not work.  Spiritual wars must be fought with spiritual weapons.  Faith and intentional pointed prayer are just two of such spiritual weapons.  No fear is another and holding hope in the face of hopelessness is yet another.  We will talk more about these spriritual weapons later on.  For now the goal is to realize our true essence fully and allow that realization to permeated our being and existence.  Now is the time for us to rise up out of the dark pit of primal consciousness and into that higher consciousness which some call “Christ Consciousness.”  Therein lies the realization of our true essence as spiritual beings and spiritual soldiers.


Our Peceptions Count

I have always been greatly disappointed in the human race because I’ve always thought that we fail to live up to our potential and I include myself in that as well.  Very often we have fallen short for various reasons and made a bigger mess out of things than needs to be.  I think much of this stems from the lack of knowing who and what we really are.  I think even more of this stems from the fact that we’ve been deceived and led astray by untruths and lies many of which have been promoted by our human invented religions.  I’m not going to go into the religion issue right now but I will at some point.  For now let me just say that I believe ALL of our religions are of human invention and they were ALL created to divide humankind and keep us divided.  Sorry but I see very little unity brought about by any of our religions and I see a lot of division and wholesale human slaughter brought about instead…”in the name of God” but of course!  That being said I believe it is high time humans realize what they are and what they are not.  I’ll make this very simple.

Most of us are living under a great lie and deception.  We mistakenly believe that we are physical bodies perhaps with spirits that may be eternal or not.  In fact the opposite is more in line with the truth!  We are NOT bodies with spirits.  Rather we were SPIRITS only temporarily housed within physical bodies and having but only a momentary experience in the physical world upon the grand scales of Eternity!  The distinction is important because it forms our self perception and perception of others.  In realizing that we are not bodies with spirits but spiritual beings temporarily housed within physical bodies and only briefly having this physical experience we realize our true essence.  And our true essence is that of us each being SPIRITUAL BEINGS that are, indeed, eternal.  We are eternal spirits are the very core of our being.  Spirit is what makes us up truly and not our physical bodies.  We require physical bodies on this world to navigate it but those bodies are NOT the real you and me.  It’s like driving a car.  We get into a car and drive in order to navigate so we can get somewhere but we are not the car.  We are still us.  The same is true when it comes to our bodies.  We are in our physical bodies but they are not us as we only need them to navigate this material realm but we still remain who we really are, that being, SPIRITUAL BEINGS.  We need to realize who and what we are and who and what we are not.  We’ve been confused!  We are not our cars and we are not our bodies.  What we are is spiritual beings and coming to realize this fully forms an entirely new perception of ourselves, of others, of the world, and of God and our futures.

So where and what is our spiritual essence?  Actually the answer is very simple not complex.  Let me begin with this.  When I first read the book entitled “Seat of the Soul” by author Gary Zukov I had to laugh when I got to his chapter calling for a new kind of psychology that does not attempt to separate the mind from the spirit.  As he rightly pointed out in the beginnings of Western Psychology the human mind and soul were seen as one and inseparable but then somewhere along the line we began to try to separate the mind and soul.  Thus we began leaving mental matters up to the psychiatrists and spiritual matters up to the clergy with the two seldom or never interacting.  That’s the BIG mistake of Western Psychology and Religion in my opinion!  And it is the big mistake because the two cannot be separated as the mind and soul are one and inseparable.

So when I read Zukov I laughed because there is already a psychology that does not try to separate mind and soul and it’s called Eastern Psychology from which Transpersonalism comes in part.  The human mind and soul are believed, rightly, to be one and inseparable and to try to separate them is a mistake and does a disservice to us all.  Eastern Psychology takes the approach of “treating” the mind/soul as one unit without distinction and, frankly, I think it has far more success than does any Western Psychology.  Not to say that the Western form does not have it’s merits.  It does in it’s concepts of Social Learning Theory, Cognitive Psychology, and others as long as we don’t try to separate mind and spirit.

In my NDE back in June of 1996 one of the very first things that astounded me was the very instant realization that I was dead and that all of my thoughts and feelings were still with me!  I don’t know what I thought as to why they would not be with me but I was astounded that they were for whatever reason.  I still had my thoughts, my feelings, my hopes, my disappointment, my fears, my strengths.  In fact all of me was still with me in death and the ONLY thing missing was my physical body.  All else was still there!  In my mind that proved to me that the mind and spirit are one in the same and inseparable.  So our spirit is in mind and mind is in spirit as the two are one and spirit and mind run throughout our physical bodies and just not in the brain or heart.  In fact, it is the mind/spirit which animates our physical bodies and without it we are dead.  That’s pretty simple isn’t it?

All this being said, many of us have some very WRONG perceptions today because we’ve been misled into believing that we are our bodies.  But in fact we are not.  Consider how this world we’ve built basically worships the human body.  We go to great lengths and expenses to maintain it and keep it beautiful or handsome.  Nothing wrong with that but when is too much, too much?  We focus everything on our bodies and, sadly, many of us focus very little on our souls (mind and spirit).  The result is that we end up thinking we are our bodies and we neglect our soul development and evolution (growth).  That’s why we have such a hard time with disaster when it strikes our bodies.  We think it is the end of us but, in fact, it is not.  Yes it might be the end of the body but it is NOT the end of YOU because you ARE an eternal spiritual being!  Whatever your disease realize it is a dis-ease meaning you are not at-ease.  Disease puts us at dis-ease!  Healing is putting us back AT EASE.  This “at ease” is balance and this “dis-ease” is being out of balance.  Healing is putting us back into balance.  So how do we restore this balance and eliminate this dis-ease?

A large part of that healing lies in perception and specifically in self perception.  If you see yourself as your body then you are identifying with your dis-ease.  Since you think you are your physical body and since your physical body has a disease you perceive of yourself as being that disease too!  But you are NOT your disease!  You are not your disease because you are not your body!  Identifying with your diseased body and believing it is the real you is NOT conducive to healing, the restoration of balance!  What it IS conducive to is more disease.  People who truly desire to heal completely know that they must change their self perception and many who heal successfully begin by seeing the TRUTH about who and what they are and what they are NOT.

Transpersonalism teaches that unless healing takes place on all levels of our being then we remain in a state of dis-ease.  It holds the view that if we are to heal fully then we must heal on all levels of our beings.  What are those levels?  Simply we are physical, spiritual, and mental beings because we are, truly, multi-dimensional beings!  What’s the proof?  For one we are very capable of and we DO interact on a physical level via our bodies which we must use to navigate through this material world we are temporarily living in.  So we are physical beings.  For another thing we are mental beings and are very capable of interacting in the mental/emotional realms as we have thoughts and feelings.  So we are mental/emotional beings in addition to being physical beings.  And finally, we are also very capable of interacting in the spiritual realms of existence via prayer, dreams, worship, communing with the God Spirit, etc.  So in addition to being mental and physical beings we are also spiritual beings and being spiritual beings makes us eternal beings and that is why when our bodies die we, the real us, our spirits, keep on existing and never die.  So in sum we are multi-dimensional beings operating on at least three planes of existence.  When we widen our self perception to realize this then we more closely come to know who we are and who we are not.  By expanding our perceptions we come to realize that we are eternal spiritual beings at our core essence and that we are NOT our disease because, in truth, we are not our bodies.  In healing, then, we must heal (restore balance) not just on the physical level or our being but also on the mental/emotional level and SPIRITUAL level of our being!  When we do so then we have healing full and complete.  When we focus on only one or two levels and leave out the third level then our healing (restoration of balance) remains incomplete and we remain dis-eased.

Confusing?  Not really.  Yes as long as we are in this world we must and we should do everything possible to take care of our physical bodies which are what we require to navigate through this world which we call “life.”  Realizing we are spiritual beings does NOT mean neglecting the body!  Remember that because many forget that!  You have a responsibility to keep your body healthy and free of disease for as long as you are in your body.  Realizing you are a spiritual being at your core and neglecting the body is the WRONG thing to do.  Neglecting the body is NOT what I’m talking about here.  Realizing that you are a spirit at your core and keeping your body and mind healthy and at-ease IS what I’m talking about.

Don’t worry I’ll expand on all this in future posts so it will all become clear as mud LOL 🙂

Let’s get back to perception.

Our perceptions form the way in which we see the world and ourselves.  They often form our opinions, beliefs, and hopes and contribute to many of our disappointments as well.  Our perceptions also give birth to our fears.  But they also give birth to our hopes!  If we perceive of something as dangerous then we believe it to be dangerous whether it really is or not.  Take the mouse for instance 🙂  Many people are fearful of mice especially when they are in our homes.  We perceive of them as being something to fear but what can a mouse really do to us?  It can hardly eat us alive!  It’s small so that means it’s not a monster.  Yet we fear the common mouse.  It’s not the mouse that is the problem.  The problem and what gives rise to you fear of the mouse is our perception of the mouse as some sort of horrifying monster able to eat us alive!  But what happens if we change our perception of the mouse?  What happens if we no longer see the mouse as something to fear?  Simply we stop being afraid of mice and we come to realize the little creatures really pose no danger to us at all.  And we also come to realize that we are BIGGER than the mouse and we can conquer it if we so desire.  Changing our perception changes how we see things.  It changes what we fear so that what we once feared we no longer are afraid of.  The same hold true with ourselves.

Some of us fear who and what we really are.  Many describe it in terms of our “dark side” or “shadow side” and we talk about this “secret” part of us as if it is some sort of evil monster lurking under the bed.  Yes we all have our dark and bad side but what I’ve found is that thrown in with this dark side is much of our spiritual side as well.  Why do we do that?  Because we fear our spiritual essence!  We want to see ourselves as our bodies because we’ve over-identified with them and as a result since we are so focused on our bodies we come to fear our true essence which is SPIRIT!  But if we are to expand our perceptions and enlarge our self perception in particular then we MUST stop fearing our true essence, Spirit!

What happens when we do broaden our perception to see spirit as our true essence?

When we come to perceive of ourselves AND ALL OTHERS TOO then we come to know that we are NOT our disease and that we are eternal beings who NEVER DIE!  Oh yes our physical bodies will die and we will move on to other realms of existence and our bodies will remain on this Earth because that is where they came from and belong.  But, we, the real us, SPIRIT, will continue on LIVING forever!  Realizing this gives us a whole new and BIGGER perception not only of ourselves but of other people, of God, and of the entire universe.  It gives us a new perception on the very purpose of our existence and being.  We come to perceive things in HIGHER ways and, frankly, those higher ways are FAR more ACCURATE than the low-level perceptions most of us have right now!  ONE OF THE VERY FIRST STEPS IN ANY KIND OF HEALING REQUIRES A CHANGE IN YOUR PERCEPTION!!  That’s important because if you see yourself as your disease you should not expect any healing.  In fact, most often, that wrong perception will only serve to worsen your disease!  In contrast, realizing that you are NOT your disease and your disease is not the REAL YOU such a perception is FAR MORE conducive to HEALING (ie: restoration of balance).  People are often shocked when someone has terminal cancer which “suddenly” goes into remission.  I’ve never been shocked by such a thing because I’ve always know just what that person did to send their cancer into remission.  THEY CHANGED THEIR PERCEPTION!  They STOPPED self identifying with their cancer!  They came to see themselves as spiritual beings at their core and NOT their physical disease!  And THAT is the first step to any kind of true healing in my opinion!

On this blog I will talk more about healing and perception among many other things.  You can agree with some or none or you can agree with all that is posted here.  It is YOUR choice.  I simply will post what I believe and have found to be true.  YOU must find your OWN truth!  You cannot do that looking outside of yourself.  You can only find your own truth by looking WITHIN yourself!  As you read the future posts here you’ll come to realize that more and more I hope.  My intention is to provide you with perhaps some new and higher thinking.  I seek to stimulate you into changing your self and other perceptions because, frankly, erroneous perceptions lay at the very heart of many of our problems in this world today.  If I can help you expand your perception even slightly then I’ve accomplished my purpose behind this blog.  It’s time for the world (people) to CHANGE!  It’s time for YOU to change and ALL of us!  Staying comfortable in our wrong perceptions and denying who and what we really are at our core essence is NOT the way to go.  Our personal and societal problems will only continue to grow worse.  Change begins WITHIN not without!  I’m not talking simple change.  I’m talking GREAT CHANGE and LASTING change.  Humanity is a species that is now fully in a perpetual state of DIS-EASE.  My work is to help bring humanity back into a state of being AT-EASE.