People of the Book 1
by Abbas Khan



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1.  What We Have in Common
2.  Should Muslims, Christians, and Jews Try to Get Along?
3.  The People of the Book in Islam
4.  Examples of Interfaith

Publication Information

Title:                    People of the Book 1
Published:            1, March, 2013
Publisher:             Azari Press

About the Author

These are the writings and thoughts on various subjects by Dr. Muhammid Abbas Saladin Azari whose pen name is Abbas Khan.

Dr. Azari is an educator, philosopher, theologian, writer, and just a common man.  He has spent decades studying various faiths from around the world.  He has found many commonalities among the various faiths and tends to focus on what the various faiths have in common rather than on their differences.  Dr. Azari believes that God reveals Himself to people of different cultures in different ways.  He holds a very strong interfaith point of view, therefore.

Dr. Azari is one of the world’s foremost advocators of the Islamic concept of the “People of the Book.”  Primarily the People of the Book are the Christians, Jews, and Muslims who all worship the same God.  However, over the centuries other faiths have also been considered to be among the People of the Book such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and others depending on the predominant Muslim society and Muslim scholars at the time.

Dr. Azari converted to Islam in 1985 from Christianity.  He believes Islam chose him and has been a Muslim ever since.  He is NOT a fundamentalist or radical but believes in intelligent Islam and religious tolerance and respect among the faiths for each other.  Religion has done much to destroy and enslave people.  This is not the work of God!  God wants us to have compassion and respect for each other no matter what our faith or beliefs.  He wants all believers to act with dignity and honor and not like animals.  Islam is a beautiful faith.  Sadly, it has been hijacked by radicals who are ignorant as have other faiths.  Many claim to be Muslims just as many claim to be Christians, Jews, etc but the proof of their faith is in their actions not simply in their words.  Anyone can claim to be anything but that does not mean that they really are!  Sadly, we live in a world filled with hypocrisy and it is up to us as true believers to discern the spirits just as the New Testament teaches.  And Islam teaches the same btw.  We must not be deceived and we absolutely must avoid hopping on the “hate train.”

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I suspect there are many other people around the world other than myself who have completely become sick and tired of the religious strife between Muslims, Christians, and Jews.  In fact I know I am far from being alone in that frustration!  That is what my website is about and that is also what my books and writings are about.  My desire is to establish and foster a spriit of interfaith and BROTHERHOOD between the world’s three major religions.  A BROTHERHOOD that existed between them before!


Muslims, Christians, and Jews have not always been at each others throats.  There was a time when they cooperated, when they showed compassion for each other, when instead of slaughtering each other they protected eachother.  A time when Muslim, Christian, and Jew shared brotherhood with each other that MUST be resurrected in our modern times!  The killing, slaughter, and wars MUST stop!

What I see pawned off as Islam on the evening news is far from what I’d call TRUE ISLAM.  What they show is an “Islam” that has nothing to do with God and everything to do with a POLITICAL AGENDA.  I’m tired of seeing my faith hijacked by radicals trying to use it as a means for their own political motives!  I’m tired of people thinking that all Muslims must be AK47 packing terrorists when nothing could be further from the TRUTH.  It’s time to STOP the HATE!  Stop the slaughter!  This is my part in stopping just that.

Abbas Khan
March 2013

1.  What We Have in Common


“Surely those who believe and those who are Jews, and Sabians, and Christians, whoever believes in God and the Last Day and does good, they shall have no fear nor shall they grieve.”
(Sura 5:69)

“All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for showing people what is wrong in their lives, for correcting faults, and for teaching how to live right.”
(2 Timothy 3:15-17)

There is a concept in the Koran known as the “People of the Book.”  These are the Muslims, Christians, and Jews who all believe in the same one true God.  These three faiths are suppose to reside in harmony alongside each other. Sadly, today they are all killing one another!  But the fact remains.  Muslims, Jews, and Christians are suppose to be very tolerant and friendly towards one another according to the Holy Koran.  The hallmarks of believers in all three faiths are suppose to be compassion, mercy, modesty, justice, and faith in God.

The People of the Book trace their heritage from the Prophet Abraham and they have many believes and values in common.  Among them are:

—they all believe that God has created the entire universe out of nothing and that He dominates all that exists with His omnipotence.

—they all believe that God has created man and living things ina miraculous way and that man possesses a soul given to him by God.

—that God has sent forth many prophets to humankind throughout history to teach, warn, and inspire the faithful and non-faithful alike.

—they all believe in Resurrection of the soul, Heaven, Hell, and Angels.  And they all believe that God created our lives with a destiny and meaningful purpose.

—True Christians, true Jews, and true Muslims share the common virtues of honor, chastity, humbleness, self sacrifice, honesty, compassion, mercy, and love.

True Muslims believe that Monasteries, Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques should be respected and protected because these are the places where the People of the Book worship the one true God.  We are NOT suppose to be destroying these places of worship because they are dedicated to the SAME God!

Sadly there is much conflict between these three faiths and much hate.  That’s not what God wants and it should not be what the true believer wants either.  Christians, Muslims, and Jews must begin to see what they share in common more than in difference.  They must begin to understand one another and have compassion for one another as Brothers of the Faith.  They must come to know that they are NOT enemies but must be friends!  And we must come to understand that our real enemies are things like materialism, atheism, and such.  When we all realize this then the world will start to become a very different and BETTER place than the HELL it is right now for many!

2.  Should Muslims, Christians, and Jews Try to Get Along?


Islam is a religion of tolerance, compassion, and peace but there are people Interfaith2today trying to make it otherwise.  The seek only to create hatred and conflict between true Muslims and the Jews and Christians.  However, in true Islam the Christians and the Jews are viewed as the “People of the Book” and talked about in the Qur’an which says we are to be tolerant and friendly towards members of these two other faiths.

Christians, Muslims, and Jews all hold some beliefs in common.  They all believe that there is but only one true God who is the Creator of everything in the universe and that man is answerable to Him.  They all believe that God created the entire universe out of nothing and that His divine presence is everywhere.  Muslims, Jews, and Christians all believe that God created man and all living things in a miraculous way and that man was given a soul by God.  They all believe that God has sent unto humankind many prophets such as Moses, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, and Issac et al.  Further, they all believe in a resurrection, Heaven, Hell, and the angels both fallen and holy.  Muslims call the fallen angels the “Jinn” meaning “demons” or “devils.”  They all believe Satan is real and that believers are under attack by him.  They all believe too that God created our lives with a purpose and destiny to ultimately serve Him.  Christians believe believers are “Ambassadors for Christ.”  Muslims believe believers are “Khalifahs” both terms meaning representatives or viceroys of God.  Christians believe Jesus the Messiah will come again and so do Muslims!  The Quran refers to “Jesus the Messiah” but Muslims do not believe he was God in human form.  They believe he was a great Prophet as was the founder of Islam, the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

Muslims, Christians, and Jews share far more in common than anyone wants to seem to admit for some reason.  Many of the morals they value are shared morals and values.  Egotism is deplored as what the Bible calls the “sinful self.”  Compassion, mercy, giving, and forgiving are valued by all three of these great faiths.  The People of the Book and Muslims share the same virtues of honor, chastity, humility, self sacrifice, honesty, compassion, mercy, and love.  They are all three worshiping of and speaking of the SAME GOD!

Muslims, Christians, and Jews should live in friendship!  This is because they are People of the Book!  The Quran makes this very clear but you’d never know it from the way these groups are constantly fighting each other today.  Further, the Qur’an makes it clear that there is a big difference between the People of the Book and Idolaters.  The Qur’an admonishes Muslims not to even associate with idolaters because they are evil and unclean.  It also forbids idolaters from entering a Mosque (Sura 28).  Idolaters are people who do not obey any divine law or worship God.  They have no morals and like committing every kind of abominable act and sin.  They will engage in any perversion without hesitation or second thought.

In contrast, the People of the Book all worship the one true God and they have morals that are right.  They know what is lawful and what is not lawful under God’s Law (Sharia).  Muslims may eat food cooked by Christians or Jews but they are forbidden to eat food made by idolaters.  Further, a Muslim man CAN marry a Christian or Jewish woman because they are People of the Book (Sura 5).  These laws from the Quran prove the kinship between the People of the Book in God’s eyes.

When it comes to Monasteries, Churches, and Synagogues along with Mosques it is commanded by Allah that true Muslims and true believers respect each others places of worship.  Muslims MUST respect Churches and Synagogues as places of worship dedicated to God and protected by God (Sura 40).  For true Muslims it is very important that they respect and even protect all of the places of worship of the People of the Book.  God also commands Muslims not to harbor any enmity (hate) towards any people and instead friendship is recommended EVEN with Idolaters!  Sura 6 says that any idolater asking a Muslim for protection must be given protection by the Muslim until they have word the Words of God from the Muslim protector.

Christians and Jews are much closer to the Muslim than are idolaters, however.  This is because they are People of the Book and they are all subject to the revelation send down by God.  They know what is right and wrong, what is lawful and unlawful.  And they each know too that they each will be called to give account to God Himself for their deeds and misdeeds on Judgment Day.  The People of the Book and Muslims can and should live in peace not conflict and they should cooperate as they did long ago when Islam first began.  In those days some of the first Muslims found refuge from the pursuing Meccans in the Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia under a Christian King who gave them refuge and protection.  He refused to hand them over to the Meccan idolaters who wanted to kill them and the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).  Additionally, the beginnings of the Grand Mosque in Damascus, Syria tell yet another story of cooperation.  The mosque was originally a Christian church.  The Jews had no place to worship so the church let them use the church on Saturdays for their worship.  When the Muslims came into Syria they had no place to worship so the church let them use it on Fridays to worship.  For a time that Christian Church in Damascus was also a Jewish Synagogue and the first Muslim Mosque in Syria!  People of all these faiths worshiped in the same place and associated at friendly get together as brethren.  The Jews eventually built a synagogue and the Christians build a new cathedral and sold the church to the Muslims who then made it a complete Mosque.  Cooperation between the People of the Book is how the Grand Mosque in Damascus was founded!

The Qur’an also points out the common enemies shared by the People of the Book.  These enemies include such things as materialism, communism, fascism, anarchism, racism, and secular humanism.  These things cause us to doubt our faith and doubt is the enemy of faith.  It eats away our faith bit by bit.  Further, these ideologies all deny God and God’s power!  They attempt to make man or some material thing “god.”  They are all also deceptive!  They create the FALSE message that you are not responsible for yourself or anyone and that you owe your life to mere coincidence.  They promote the idea that you need to struggle and suffer as survival of the fittest is the law of the jungle.  They also promote the idea that struggle and war against others is needed in order for you to succeed and get ahead.  Finally, they present the concept that the world is a jungle and you are basically a monkey-man who has evolved by chance and, thus, the world is one of self interest and constant conflict.  This is an evil morality!  It encourages people to be egotistical, arrogant, unmerciful, oppressive, and cruel to one another.  It destroys virtues like mercy, compassion, humility, and self sacrifice.  These ideologies stand against everything Muslims, Christians, and Jews hold true and believe!

Believers, be they Muslims, Christians, or Jews should expose these false ideologies to the wold.  Thus the People of the Book must cooperate to succeed in doing this.  They should in cooperation carry forth a campaign of intellectual struggle that stands against these false ideologies and deceptions.

Rather than focus on their differences the People of the Book should focus on their similarities and what they hold dear in common with one another.  They should emphasis cooperation and friendship and hold common aims to expose the lies of the world (Sura 64).  That common formula for the People of the Book to rally around is FAITH!!  The Love of God and His commands to we who are the truly faithful.  When the People of the Book realize we are meant to be friend and not enemies then and only then will the world truly begin to change for the better!  The fighting must stop!  The slaughter must stop!  The self righteousness born in ego must stop! The LIES must STOP!

3.  The People of the Book in Islam


“Those who believe, those who are Jews, and the Christians, and Sabeans, all who believe in Allah and the Last Day and act rightly,
will have their reward with their Lord. They will feel no fear and will know no sorrow.”
(Sura al Baqara 2:62) (Sura al Maida 5:69)

In true Islam and found in the Qur’an is a concept known as the “People of the Book.”  These People of the Book are non-Muslim adherents to faiths which have a revealed scripture. In Arabic they are called “Ahl al Kitab” meaning “the people of scripture.” In the Qur’an there are three groups that are mentioned that compose the People of the Book. They are the Jews, the Christians, and the Sabeans. The Sabeans are considered by most Islamic scholars as being converts to Islam but some Muslim scholars believe they were a group of believers who followed the Zaboer which was given to the prophet King David of ancient Israel. The Zaboer is identified as the Biblical Book of Psalms so the Sabians were people who followed the Book of Psalms.

The People of the Book all come from what is known as the Abrahamic faiths. That is, faiths that trace their origins back to the prophet Abraham. Christians, Jews, and Muslims all trace their faith back to this ancient patriarch. Thus, all three faiths have common roots and that is important to understand and remember because today there exists great divisions among these three faiths yet they are closer than most realize. The People of the Book, like Muslims, recognize the one true God as being the God of Abraham.

Today we see many divisions between Muslims and the People of the Book and that is unfortunate because they have a common heritage and several common beliefs. For instance, did you know Muslims believe in the Second Coming of Christ? They do and they believe Christ will come again before the coming of the Judgment Day. The divisions we see today among Muslims, Christians, and Jews have not always been so. When the prophet Muhammid was first beginning his mission to spread Islam across the Arabian peninsula some of the early Muslims were being hunted down by the idol worshipers and killed. These Muslims sought refuge and safety in Christian Ethiopia. The Christian King granted them refuge and he refused to turn them over to the idol worshipers who were chasing them and seeking to kill them. At that time Ethiopia had a great army so the idol worshipers did not challenge the Christians in Ethiopia for fear of being attacked by that great Christian army. After Muhammid’s conquest of Arabia some of these Muslims in Ethiopia returned to the peninsula but many did not. Instead, they chose to remain in the Christian kingdom of Ethiopia because of the great compassion and justice shown them by the Christians there during their time of refuge. This even is significant because it shows that in the early days of Islam there was a sense of brotherhood between Christians and Muslims. It shows that there was a strong sense of compassion and kinship that, sadly, is missing today.

Another example of such cooperation and mutual compassion can be found in Syria. In the early days of Islam some of the Muslims left Arabia and went into Syria to spread Muhammid’s message. They had no mosques and when they came to settle in Damascus the Christian bishop invited them to share his church so they would have a mosque, a place to worship and pray. This bishop had already invited the Jews in Damascus to use the church as well and so, for a long while, that same church was used by three different faiths as a place of worship and prayer. The Christians used the church for their services on Sundays, the Jews used it for theirs on Saturdays, and the Muslims used it for their services on Fridays. That church truly was an interfaith temple! Eventually the Christians build a new church and the Jewish people built a synagogue in Damascus and the Muslim purchased the church. Today that church is the Grand Mosque in Damascus. Again, here we have an example of cooperation, brotherhood, and compassion between the three faiths of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity that is missing today between them.

Here’s one last example. In Persia during the Middle Ages there were hospitals, clinics, and medical colleges that trained physicians. One had to be either a Muslim or Jew to get into the physician training programs. Some Christians from Europe who desired to be physicians posed as being Jews just so they could attend the Muslim Persian medical schools. Most likely the Muslim administrators knew they were not Muslims or Jews and pretended along with them. Later on the medical schools were opened to Christians and so it became that one had to be a Muslim Jew, or Christian to be allowed to be trained as a physician. There schools were very advanced. The Persians were making all sorts of medical discoveries, inventing new medicines and cures for various ailments, and performing surgeries of various types. The medical students were taught all these things so they could return to where they had come from and work as physicians and surgeons. Again, here we have another example of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian cooperation, brotherhood, and compassion that is so very much missing today between these three Abrahamic faiths.

My point is this. History shows that in the past there has been great cooperation, tolerance, connection, and brotherhood between Muslims and the People of the Book and, sadly, that is all missing today. Today we have people from all these faiths killing and making war against each other. They have forgotten the sense of kinship and brotherhood they once shared and that’s the greatest tragedy of all. Imagine if that brotherhood and cooperation would have been continued? Imagine what these faiths with common roots and a long history of cooperation might accomplish today in brotherhood and compassion for one another? We certainly would not be seeing the great atrocities we see today in the Middle East!

I have always found it very sad that these three faiths have come to hate and despise each other today. It’s like three brothers who just can’t stand each other and/or who are jealous of one another. That’s really not the way a family is suppose to behave. Imagine what kind of worship centers might exist today had the Muslims, Jews, and Christians continued their practice of sharing worship centers like in the early days of the Grand Mosque in Damascus when that center was truly an interfaith center of worship? What kind of learning might happen there? What kind of cooperation, understanding, compassion, and connection might be shared in such a place between all three of these great faiths? It’s astounding to consider what might have been but which, sadly, is not.

Many Muslims today seem to not know the teachings of their own faith. The same can be said of Jews and Christians along with others. Muslims are not to be killing Christians or Jews because they are the People of the Book and the People of the Book are the People of Scripture and the People of Allah (God). Further, it is absolutely against the teachings of the Qur’an and Hadith for any Muslim to destroy a Mosque, Church, or Synagogue because they are all considered sacred centers of worship to God. How many Muslims know that today? How many know that when they do such a thing they are committing sin? In addition, radical Muslims speak much of “jihad” and they seem not to know the meaning of true and real Jihad. Jihad was intended to be an “inner struggle.” For instance, if a person has strong sexual desire and he/she fights against that desire to control it then that is Jihad.

Jihad is not killing other people and/or committing acts of terrorism to further the “cause” of Islam or its spread! Terrorism is a SIN in real Islam and that is made clear by the teachings of the Qur’an! True Muslims know this and they know that the radicals who commit acts of terror are engaging in a great sin and that such people are NOT true Muslims. How many Muslims know this today? Sadly some seem not to know it because they really on their Imams to simply tell them what to believe just as many Christians today rely on their pastors and many Jews rely on their Rabbis. People do not take the time to study their holy scriptures and beliefs so they do not know Truth. And that’s one of the reasons there is so much strife and atrocity between these three faiths today. Ignorance! People are ignorant of their own faiths and of what their respective faith teaches in truth! Somewhere along the course of history this error MUST be corrected. People must learn to study their own faiths and know what they are suppose to believe and not believe according to the teachings of their faith. People must stop relying on their religious and political leaders to tell them what to believe and what not to believe! People must know for THEMSELVES!

It is very sad to see Muslims and the People of the Book so filled with hatred for each other today. It is so sad to think about the possibilities that could come from a return to cooperation, brotherhood, and compassion between the three. We all are missing much by focusing on our divisions instead of focusing on our common beliefs and our shared compassion for one another that we are suppose to have. I can only imagine how God who is the God of the Jews, of the Christians, and the Muslims must be thinking. I can only imagine how he must hand his head in sorrow and disappointment over all of us. He must be really disgusted with all of us because he wanted us to love one another and, instead, we have come to only hate one another. And that is the greatest atrocity of all that all three faiths are guilty of. Hate! When will we stop hating and return to that compassion we once had for one another? When will we again be true brothers?

4.  Examples of Interfaith

cherry blossoms

When the Prophet Mohammed found the faith of Islam his followers, Muslims, were a minority in a land where many false gods were being worshiped.  The Meccans of Arabia did not take kindly to the Muslims and their new faith as they worshiped one God whom they said was the true God and all powerful.  Fights and battles were the result of this conflict in theology and belief between the Muslims and the Meccans.  The Muslims struggled desperately to protect their newly found faith and many suffered oppression and torture at the hands of the Meccans, the people of the town of Mecca.  Some of the Muslims decided it was best to leave Mecca because of the growing persecutions there so they fled the town and sought safety and shelter in a country with a just ruler.

The Muslims found such a refuge in the Kingdom of Ethiopia to the West after Mohammed instructed them to seek refuge there.  Ethiopia was a Christian Kingdom led by King Negus.  Once they arrived in Ethiopia the Muslims found a fair and just Christian kingdom there and they were welcomed by King Negus and his people with love and respect.  The Meccans pursued them and demanded that King Negus turn the Muslims over to them to be executed.  King Negus refused and instead granted the Muslims permanent refuge.  He told the Muslims he would not turn them over to the murderous Meccans and that they could dwell in his Christian kingdom forever if they desired to.  And for a long while they did and even today Muslims remain in Ethiopia.

This is one example of interfaith between the two faiths of Islam and Christianity.  The Christians of Ethiopia welcomed the Muslims with compassion, mercy, modesty, and justice.  These Ethiopian Christians led by King Negus were not arrogant or cruel but kind, humble, and loving.  Had they turned the Muslims over to the Meccans the Meccans would have slaughtered the Muslims and the Christians of Ethiopia knew it.  But they and their king decided not to send the Muslims to such a fate and instead granted them sanctuary and protection.

This historical fact illustrates the compassion and cooperation between Muslims and Christians of long ago.  And there are many such examples not only between Christians and Muslims but also between Muslims, Christians, and Jews.  Here is one such example.

When the Muslims first entered into the land that is today known as Syria they went into the capitol city of Damascus to settle.  But the Muslims had no place to worship (Mosque).  That was until they were invited by the leaders of the Christian church in the city and the Jewish leaders who shared the same building for worship.  The Christians had built the church and they had invited the Jewish people in the land to use the church on Saturdays for their worship center because the Jews like the newly arrived Muslims had no place to worship.  So Christians used the church on Sundays for their worship place and Jews used it on Saturdays for theirs.  When the Muslims arrived they used the church for their place of worship on Fridays.  Thus, for a long while Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Damascus, Syria used the same building for their respective place of worship.  They had festivals on the church property and everyone of the three faiths would attend and intermingle.  Jew, Christian, and Muslim were friendly and brotherly towards one another and there was strong cooperation between the faiths there.  They attended one anothers festivals and sometimes they even attended one anothers worship services.  Can you imagine such a thing happening in today’s world that is plagued by hate and fear?

Over time the Jews built their own synagogue in Damascus and the Christians built a new cathedral there.  They sold the old church to the Muslims who then turned it completely into a mosque.  That church-mosque-synagogue still stands today in Damascus, Syria.  Today it is the Grand Mosque of Syria.  An Islamic mosque with its beginnings in the three faiths of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam!  A mosque that had its beginnings in TRUE INTERFAITH.

In the holy writ of Islam known as the “Qur’an” it speaks of the “People of the Book.”  These People of the Book include Christians, Jews, Muslims, and at times have included other faiths that worship one God.  Christians, Jews, and Muslims all trace their heritage back to the Prophet Abraham of the Bible.  They all speak of the same God and most of the prophets of Islam are the SAME prophets of the Jews and the Christians.  Muslims consider Mohammed to be their primary prophet and they consider Jesus the Nazarene to also be a major prophet.  They do not believe Jesus was the human incarnation of God, however.

I give you these two examples from Ethiopia and Syria to illustrate to you the historical and factual cooperation and compassion that once existed between Muslims, Christians, and Jews.  Today the three faiths are at each others throats constantly but that is NOT the way it has always been.  There was a time when they got along and, in fact, shared with, helped, and protected each other from common enemies.  Can you imagine the world today had that cooperation and compassion between these three great faiths continued?  I assure you we would not see the turmoil and human slaughter we see in the Mid East today and, in fact, the whole region would be entirely different.  PEACE not war would rule!  But, sadly, many if not most Muslims, Christians, and Jews do not know this history of brotherhood and love between them.  They mistakenly believe that they’ve always made war against each other.  They could not be more wrong!  There was a time of BROTHERHOOD between Muslim, Christian, and Jew and somehow that brotherhood must be resurrected again!

Radicals NEVER truly represent ANY faith.  That would be because they are radicals.  Radical Muslims that we see on our daily news today do NOT represent Islam!  What they are representing is a POLITICAL agenda that has nothing to do with Islam at all, in fact.  This is what the West must begin to understand.  It is a POLITICAL not a religious agenda that is being pushed by those who are “radical Muslims.”  These people have attempted to hijack Islam and use it for their political motives.  But the Islam that they show the world is NOT the Islam of the Quran or that was founded by the Prophet Mohammed.  Here is something else that will astound most Christians, Jews, and Muslims today and it is found in the pages of the Holy Quran.

Did you know that Muslims have a divine obligation to protect Christians Churches and Jewish Synagogues?  According to what is taught in the Quran all Muslims MUST respect Jewish and Christian places of worship period!  That is because these places of worship are where the People of the Book gather to worship the one true universal God.  One verse from the Quran shows clearly that Muslims have this obligation upon them.  It is found in Sura al-Hajj 40 and it says this:

“….if God had not driven some people back by means of others then monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, where God’s Name is mentioned much, would have been destroyed.  God will certainly help those who help Him.  God is All-Mighty!”

This teaching found in the Islamic holy writ shows the importance of respecting and protecting the places of worship of Christians, Jews, and Muslims.  But how many attacks do we see today in the “Holy Land” on these places of worship?  Many sadly.  And those who carry out such attacks are in great error and SIN!  Again this is a point of Interfaith and the respecting of each others places of worship.

True Muslims are commanded not to harbor enmity or hate towards ANY people.  Friendship is recommended and respect for others instead.  This is true even towards what the Quran calls Idolaters.  Sura al-Tawba 6 says this on this matter:

“If any of the idolaters ask you for protection, give them protection until they have heard the words of God.  Then convey them to a place where they will be safe.”

It is beyond ironic that Jews, Christians, and Muslims have all turned one another into some sort of big bad boogey man, but more than being ironic it is, in fact, very sad.  Sad because once there existed a strong bond, a strong compassion, and a strong sense of brotherhood between members of these three major world faiths.  But, sadly, you wouldn’t even know that today based on what we see constantly coming out of that great land that gave birth to these three great faiths!  Isn’t it time for that to change?  Isn’t it time for a resurrection of BROTHERHOOD and an end to the hate and human slaughter?  I think it is.