This is an open and developing book that will be edited and added to in the near future.  Thus it is NOT completed yet.


The founder of the THEORY of Evolution himself, Charles Darwin, said that if missing links could not be found then his theory was not true.  Guess what?  NO missing link has been found!  So what does that mean?  The Theory of Evolution is a HOAX!

Most people think there is one missing link that stands between ape and its evolution into modern man.  But there should be hundred of missing links not only in man’s evolution but in almost every other creature on planet Earth.  But where are these transitional specie fossil remains?  Where is the human fossil showing beyond doubt a water creature evolving into man?  Where is the fossil of the ape evolving into man?  Not to be found and even though Darwin himself said if they could not be found then his theory was all wet, anthropologists continue to push his theory and claim that it’s all true!  Why is that?  Because there is a sinister agenda behind the push for the THEORY of evolution and YES it is still a THEORY and NOT factual at all.

If you accept the theory of evolution then you must accept that human beings are really nothing.  We just happen to be alive today out of pure chance as it was pure chance, one in a billion, that we evolved from apes to modern man.  And you must also believe that all this vast universe we live in is by pure luck and that it is pure luck that the Earth even has life at all on it.  Ah yes we got that one in a zillion lucky star!  Somehow I’m NOT buying that!

You must also believe that human beings are really insignificant in the grand scheme of things if you hold the theory of evolution to be true.  You must believe that because if we and everything around is came into existence by luck and chance then that means God does not exist, thus, man is insignificant as a bacteria.  I do not believe that to be anywhere near truth at all, however.  I believe humanity is VERY significant.  I believe humanity and everything else was CREATED by God with purpose and with intention.  And I believe humanity is not here by luck or chance at all.

If humanity is here by chance and is, thus, insignificant, then humanity is expendable and is just another ignorant animal species, one of many.  Our carnal desires should be ruling the day and civilization should not exist because, afterall, we are but mere animals ourselves so why should we need civilization.  Oh but alas!  We’ve been around for billions, trillions, zillions of years and the earth is zillions of years old.  Fantastic numbers!  Unbelievable in FACT!  But, evolutionists have to have such profound numbers in order to explain humanity’s rise from the jungle to today.  Can you even imagine a billion years?  A million years?  A zillion years?  Sorry but these numbers are highly UNLIKELY in my opinion and they are far too fantastic to even imagine with a rational mind.

So if we are but mere animals then the law of the jungle should prevail and order should not exist.  We should be one dimensional creatures, specifically, physical and not emotional or spiritual creatures.  But we are not one dimensional creatures.  We are, in fact, multidimensional creatures!  We are physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual creatures who interact on these dimensions regularly and without thought of doing so.  Obviously, humanity is more than just a mere animal species akin to the great apes of the jungle.

Evolution seeks to reduce man to nothing.  It seeks to put us in a category of unimportance and insignificance.  It tries to throw us in with all of the other animal species on this planet.  It would have us believe that God does not exist and that we are certainly not His creations but, rather, that we are only creatures of chance and good luck.  I find that preposterous!

Evolution is an anti-God theory!  That means it is a theory (educated guess) that opposes God.  It ignores what Darwin himself said about not finding the missing links.  It is a theory that is fully untrue.  So what are the anthropologists finding that they claim are “human fossils”?  APES!  Extinct ape species!  That is IF they are putting all the bones together correctly and that is a big IF.  Let us not forget such things as Kansas Man where scientists put “human” bones together and thought it was the missing link only to discover that they had been excavating a TRASH PILE and the bones they put together were not even human at all.  So much for Kansas man!  Out the door he went and the search continued for the missing link as it still does today.

I do not believe that God is not real.  In fact I know for my ownself that God is very very real and that I and YOU are creations of that one living and omnipresent God.  I know that God created us with purpose and intention and if you believe your life has no purpose, you’ve missed the boat completely.  I further believe that human beings have GREAT potential handed them by God Himself who is patiently waiting for human beings to make the CONSCIOUS choice to allow that potential to come forth from out of them and flourish.  I believe that humanity was created to serve God and to also be companions of God.  God has great hopes for us and He waits patiently for us to get over our ignorance so that we might become all that we were intented, divinely, to be!  To reduce us to mere cousins of the apes is an insult to God and to every human being who has ever existed.  We are much much more!

I look around the world and the world is literally overflowing with these human dignity diminishing theories.  They astound me, in fact, in their lack of intelligence!  The latest is that life and the universe is some sort of computer program or halogram with “something” controlling it.  Ah yes, anything but the TRUTH!  Anything will due as long as it eliminates GOD from the equation!  And haven’t we done a great job on this planet without God?  I love nothing better than war, human slaughter, starvation, disease, hopelessness, and despair don’t you?  Why of course you do!  What we’ve done is to bring HELL to earth by rejecting God and by leaving him out of the FACTS.  We could bring HEAVEN to earth but we have to INCLUDE God in all the facts and in all the equations.  Then, and only then, this world and the human race just might change for the better in FANTASTIC ways beyond our wildest dreams.  But we seem content with our misery, greed, selfishness, and egotism.

I do not believe I came from a monkey and the “scientific facts” don’t make me believe I came from a monkey because those facts do NOT add up.  Where are the thousands of missing links on this planet in the fossil record?  Surely by now we’d have found them IF they existed at all.  But we’ve found nothing!  That fact alone says the theory of evolution is a bunch of BULL!

Believers should not listen to theories that eliminate God from their equations.  They should not listen to theories that diminish human beings into nothing but mere garbage.  These are the lies of the devil that seeks to deceive us from the truth….GOD’S TRUTH!  Such things as these attempt to get us to doubt God and to doubt our worth and who we are.  Doubt is the enemy of Faith!

Those of us who are believers know God is REAL.  We feel Him.  We speak to Him and He to us.  Of this we have no doubt.  And we know that God created human beings with purpose and intention and that we are far far more than mere animals and monkey-men.  We know we were created to serve God in our lives and that is what we do.  And we know that we are God’s companions and He is our companion who is always there no matter what.  To attempt to eliminate God from anything is always a big mistake.  That is the wisdom of the world (man) and that sort of wisdom is FALSE wisdom.  As true believers we should not be listening to the false wisdom of man but to the only TRUE WISDOM which is the wisdom of God.  That wisdom says the theory of evolution is all wet and false.  That it is just one more attempt by LOST men to ignore the FACT of God and to paint man as his own false god so that man will engage in self worship (egotism) which, all believers know, comes directly from Hell itself.  In the end it is God’s Wisdom that will triumph and the fallen wisdom of man will disappear as the wind.