Prayer & the Call of the Muezzin

All across the world five times a day Muslims are called to pray by the Muezzins.  The call of the Muezzin is beautiful as they call the faithful to prayer.  High top the minarets the Muezzin’s call is the following:

“God is great!
I testify there is no other God but God.
I testify that Mohammed is the Messenger of God.
Come and Pray!
Come and Flourish!
God is Most Great!
There is no God but God!”

The Muezzin begs the faithful to stop what they are doing and pray paying homage to God in the course of their day.  They call the faithful to come and flourish for the Muezzin knows that when one prays, one does indeed begin to flourish mentally and spiritually.  Prayer is powerful and should never be underestimated.

In the Book of Romans contained in the New Testament the faithful are admonished to be patient in times of troubles and to pray at all times (Romans 12:12).  The Bible teaches the faithful should pray at all times unceasingly.  Ephesians 6:18 says:

“Pray in the Spirit at all times with all kinds of prayers…”

And in Philippians 4:6 we are told to “…pray and ask God for everything we need, always giving thanks.”  In James 5:13 the faithful are taught that prayers is POWERFUL and that “Anyone who is having trouble should pray.”  The Bible also teaches that when the faithful pray GREAT and POWERFUL things happen because God hears the prayers of the faithful.

The faithful should pray when they see others engaging in sin.  And, likewise, the faithful should pray when they themselves engage in sin asking God to forgive them.  For no one is perfect.  No one is holier than thou nor is any without sin and error.

The Day of Judgment approaches and all things will end and of this there is no doubt.  In these times of troubles we should think clearly and control ourselves and we should pray unceasingly.  Even the slighest thought giving thanks to God or asking God for help is a prayer.  Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike are encouraged to pray unceasingly and to give thanks to God in all things good and not so good.  Prayer sustains the faithful.  Prayer enables the faithful to communicate with God Himself.  No one who is truly faithful can live without prayer.

Prayers for other help others.  It has been scientifically demonstrated that when people pray for the sick the sick feel something.  What they are feeling is the power of prayer.  And sometimes the power of that prayer is so POWERFUL that the sick are indeed healed by God not by man.

Through prayer we can gain God’s Wisdom and Insight into whatever confronts us in our daily lives.  God speaks to us and we speak to Him when we pray.  Magnificent things and even miracles have happened when a righteous man or woman pray.  Dangers have been avoided.  Bad situations have been made better.  Harm has been avoided.  Disaster has been set aside.  Prayer is POWERFUL!

Sura 2:43 in the Holy Qur’an admonishes the faithful to keep up their prayers and in Sura 4:45 we are taught that the faithful should seek assistance through patience and prayer.  Sura 2:238 teaches us, as the Bible does too, to “Attend constantly to prayers” and to “STAND UP truly obedient to God.”  All throughout the Torah, Gospels, and Qur’an the teachings is the same.  PRAY ALWAYS!!  The message of the Muezzin, the ringing of the church bell, the urging of the rabbi are all the same.  They all call the faithful to pray and give thanks be they Muslim Christian, or Jew.

What happens when we fail to pray?  The Holy Qur’an makes it clear in Sura 19:59 which says this:

“But there came after them an evil generation who neglected prayers
and followed their sensual desires.”

Evil sets in when we refuse to pray.  It gets its foot in the door and begins to destroy everything even our lives.  Evil is always a destroyer and never a creator of anything good.  In the above Quranic passage it is speaking of the generations of Adam’s seed and of the seed of Abraham (Ibrahim) whom God guided.  For a long while the people were faithful and attended to their prayers.  But, an evil generation arose who refused to pray and instead they followed their every pleasure and sensual desire heeping sin upon sin, error atop error.  And this angered God and the people were set into ruin and punishment.  God even handed the Israelites over to oppression and slavery by giving them to Babylon.  It is always great error to turn away from God.  It is always great error for the faithful to stop praying.

There is an ancient Chinese wisdom that say this:

“The wise man walks with his head bowed in humbleness.”

Only the arrogant steeped in the sin of egotism and self pride walk with their heads held high in the air.  The truly faithful man or woman walk with bowed heads humbly not from weakness but from strength and respect for God.  Those who walk with head held high in their own egotism are fools!  When the truly faitful and righteous pray they do so with no need of attention or fanfare.  The Qur’an says of the faithful who pray in Sura 23:2, that they are those “Who are humble in their prayers” and in Sura 23:9 that they are “…thsoe who keep a guard on their prayers.”  Such are the truly faithful and truly righteous void of arrogance.

Sadly, we live in times when yet another evil genetion has arisen.  A generation like spoken of in Sura 19:59 that follows their own sensual desires seeking their own pleasures and turned against God.  A generation that will meet perdition and complete utter ruin!  It is never a good thing to turn away from God and His Law!  It always brings disaster!  Humanism is the new religion of the world and it is a false religion.  Man is not God!  Man is not even a god!  Man is not all powerful and all knowing!  Man is the servant of his Creator and should be HUMBLE!

Egotism, greed, pride, evil rule this generation.  They think that the Day will never come when they will be forced to give account for what they have done and for what they have left undone.  They do anything they want no matter how disgusting and abominable it is!  The consort with devils and think God does not see nor hear them.  But God sees all things and hears all things even things said and done in private!  There is nowhere one may go where God is not!  God is everywhere and NOTHING is hidden from Him and the Judgment Day will come even if this evil generation that worships self and man doesn’t think so!

When the faithful pray the spirit of the believer and the people flourish.

When they stop praying darkness sets in and all becomes ruin and disaster as evil takes over.  This is what the call of the Muezzin reminds the true Muslim of five times daily.  “Come and Flourish!” the Muezzin calls out.  “Come and Pray!”  For the faithful truly know that there is but only one way to flourish and that is by praying constantly, unceasingly.  And they know too the consequences of forgetting ones prayers too.

The world today is in great peril and turmoil.  No matter how the unbelievers try to spin it there is only one real reason for this state of global disaster today.  It is because many in the world have turned against God and have forsaken their obligation to pray and give thanks to Him.  The unbelievers come up with all sorts of excuses but they amount to nothing.  Only God can straighten out the disaster we are in and save us from our peril.  The world comes up with all sorts of solutions and answers but they never fully work nor last long.  One day humanity will learn that there is only one real solution and that is turning back to God in prayer.  And perhaps He will have mercy on us as God is al-Wadud (the Loving) and ar-Rahman (The Exceedingly Compassionate).  And then people will heed the call of the Muezzin.  They will head the callings of the rabbi.  And they will respond in prayer to the ringing of the church bells once again.

“God is Great!”
I testify there is no God but God!”
I testify that Mohammed is the Messenger of God.
Come and Pray!
Come and Flourish!
God is Most Great!
There is no God but God!”