From Boys to Men?

I recently came across an article concerning the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts that shocked me. Having been in Cub Scouts and then in Boy Scouts I found the article disturbing at best. Apparently things in the Scouts are not like they were when I and others were in them. Everything now is nice and santized and unlike when I was in the scouts boys apparently are NOT being taught how to be men nor how to stand on their own and survive!

spain_iberian_warriorThe writer of the article had his sons in the scouts and he too was shocked by what he found. Most of the scout leaders in BOY Scouts were women not men. Today instead of giving the boys a pocket knife and piece of wood to carve they are given plastic knives and bars of soap. The reason is that the scouts fear being sued should a scout accidently cut himself or someone else with a real knife. Can you imagine? A scout without a pocket knife? A scout that does not carry the Holy Grail of scouting? But that’s not all. In the days when I was a part of the scouts we were sent out at scout camp to collect our own firewood for the nightly camp fires. Doesn’t happen today! The scouts are concerned that one might disturb nature if one does this so today you must bring your own firewood from home and after camp bag up your ashes and take them with you. Disturb nature? HUMAN BEINGS ARE A PART OF NATURE! No matter how we try to spin it or pretend we are not we ARE a part of nature. We’ve taken ourselves and tried to separate ourselves from nature and in many ways this is the single biggest cause of some of our greatest social problems today. We are trying to be something we are not. We have separated ourselves from nature which is GOD’S CREATION!

The writers boys went to camp and ran around without shirts and I geuss this is a big no-no at scout camp today. I bet the female scout masters would go into shock if they had our group as we used to run around in our underwear God forbid. Scout leaders began to gossip about the writers boys calling them “those people” and the situation finally became so unbearable that the writer took his boys out of scouts completely. The writer had put his boys in scouts thinking it was the same organization as when he was in scouts and that scouts would teach his boys how to be MEN. Sadly he was greatly disappointed as it is not what it used to be. You can read the full article at the following link:

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Scouts USED to teach boys survival skills and how to be self reliant. They used to teach boys basic MANLY skills like wood carving, trapping, canoeing, fishing, trap making, camp making, etc. They used to encourage a boy to become a man and grow some gutts. They used to teach boys to be courageous and strong and they used to help mold their bodies into strong masculine bodies. But none of that is so today as it has all changed, sadly. Today it appears to me that Boy Scouts teaches boys how to be weak and not manly at all. It seems to me they feminize boys instead of making them masculine. That’s WRONG!

This modern world is so LOST that it is nothing short of astounding. Males are being neutered as if there is something wrong with being a male even though that is how GOD created you. God created you a male and God’s expectation is that you will grow up and become a MASCULINE MAN. But the world’s FALSE ways of thinking are just the opposite of what God expects and wants. The false wisdom of this world does everything it can to destroy males and most of that false wisdom is contrived by “man haters” who not only hate males but also hate God. If they didn’t hate God then they wouldn’t busy themselves with trying to destroy and feminize males who are one of God’s sacred creations! So when it comes to the scouts today they are just one more example of what is WRONG with human society and our way of thinking.

Males have been given a bad rap that has been forced on them. A FALSE picture has been painted of the average male as being brutal, a sexual predator, tyrannical, irresponsible, and generally bad news. That may be true with SOME males but for the MAJORITY of males it is NOT true at all. Most men are none of these things and the picture handed us by the world when it comes to maleness is FALSE meaning it is a LIE. What is developing is a neutered male that is weak and indecisive and knows nothing about self reliance AND who knows nothing about GOD. We are living in an era in which the male is a target and enemy. They are attempting to destroy a males INNATE MASCULINITY and feminize them. Instead of feminizing males why aren’t we teaching our males how to be MASCULINE? Sadly, many people don’t even know what that term means as they mistakenly think “masculine” and “machoism” are the same. Not so! There are BIG differences in fact.

Machoism is a mask worn by some men to hide some sort of inner insecurity they cannot or refuse to deal with. The macho man is Rambo. Ruthless, destructive, overbearing, lacking real compassion, a tyrant, motivated by endless illicit sex, a “self made man,” an ignorant brute. These are NOT the traits of the truly masculine man, however.

The truly masculine man is intelligent and wise. He is a man who is compassionate and creative. He is a man who respects others, who is giving, and who is forgiving. He is not motivated by endless illicit sexual encounters but is one who is loyal to his spouse. He is a man who CAN be harsh but he tempers his harshness with compassion and empathy. He is decisive, brave, courageous, and strong in body, in mind, and in spirit. He is a man of God! He is a man who realizes he is here on this earth to serve God not himself. In times of war and battle such a man can be ruthless and even cruel for this is what war calls for. But, as I said, he tempers these things with compassion and empathy. He is respectful of others and instead of dominating others he seeks to educate and teach others by his own example about life and about God. He is a man who is not egotistical and arrogant as macho men are. He is a truly wise man who knows and understands the wisdom and truths of God and God’s Law.

Honestly the macho man is insane. I do not befriend such men as I find them very hard to deal with and I detest their ego trips. But the macho man is NOT the majority of manhood. Males have an innate masculinity that should be brought forth and it deters machoism AND femininity. Men must teach boys how to be men in my opinion. Sorry but a woman cannot teach a boy how to be a man as a woman knows nothing about how a man feels, is suppose to feel, or anything else. In olden societies boys were removed from the company of their mothers and women around puberty or before and basically thrown in with the circle of men so they’d learn how to be men, warriors, and hunters. That doesn’t happen today. We have boys staying in the midst of women all their lives in some cases. It takes a man to teach a boy how to be a man and how to unleash that innate masculinity in responsible and intelligent ways.

In Western society we have grown men still living at home with mommy and daddy. They don’t work, they aren’t married, they don’t have their own families, and all in all they are fairly worthless characters. Boys in men bodies! They have the bodies of men but mentally they’re still 13 year old boys! These are NOT masculine men. These are males who have never grown up nor have they ever been FORCED to grow up and become MEN. These are males who have FAILED and surrendered! The BEST thing that could happen to such males is that they’d be kicked out of the parents house and forced to get a job and start being MEN. Allowing a grown man to still be a boy does a great disservice to him. He never learns to be independent. He never learns to be a man. And whose fault is this? One answer….MAN’s!

Men have abdicated their traditional and historical duty and roles in Western society today. In many ways they’ve been marginalized and demonized unfairly. Instead of standing up and fighting back against the purely EVIL attack against them they’ve chosen to coware down and accept defeat. That is not what men should do and that is most certainly NOT God’s Will for a man! Males must begin to understand that this attack against maleness is DEMONIC and EVIL! And males must arise and FIGHT IT not accept it!! If not then the social problems we have today in the West will not even begin to match what will come. Men must be MEN. Not macho men but MASCULINE MEN! God Himself detests the egotistical macho man! God created us as males to become masculine men. That IS God’s Will.

Masculinity in History

In most tribal societies even today when boys hit puberty they are taken out of the hands of their mothers and put in with the men who teach them to be men, hunters, and warriors. Hunting skills teach a man to be a warrior and so they are used as part of their upbringing. Sadly, war is a part of the world and there are times when defense of one’s people is necessary. If there are no men, no warriors then that society will perish undoubtedly.

In ancient societies like Sparta, Rome, and Greece boys were taken from the arms of their mothers at puberty and put with other boys all of whom were taught be masculine men how to become masculine men. Notice I said MASCULINE and NOT macho men! For thousands of years of human history this is the way it was in virtually every human society on the planet. Why? Because this is natural. Because this is what God expected and STILL expects. That is, that men will teach boys to become masculine men just like themslves NOT macho men and certainly NOT feminized men.

Some men and some male dominated societies have been brutal and ruthless. There have been many causes and contributing factors to this but they are NOT because men are brutal apes! Islam has been repeatedly criticized for the way that some men treat women. Understand that much of this comes from the society NOT Islam! True Islam teaches compassion and respect for women and any man who disobeys this command of God is in SIN. Women are not property. Women are not sub-human. Women are human beings just as men are and they are entitled to respect and compassion as men are also. It is disgusting the way some people treat women be they Muslim, Christian, Jew, or other! God created women as well as men and both are God’s sacred creations no matter how you wish to believe differently. God COMMANDS respect for his creation especially human beings and that INCLUDES not only men but also WOMEN!

The Macho Man

As I mentioned above machoism is a MASK that SOME (but not all) men wear to cover up some inadequacy they feel within themselves. The macho man is NOT a masculine man. Macho man is ruthless, highly competive, and he will take what he wants at any and at anyone’s expense. He often appears unfeeling and he usually denies his emotions and true intentions. He likes to dominate especially those that he considers weaker than himself.

Macho man is demanding and thinks the entire universe was created just for him. He thinks he’s the climax of manhood but, truly, he doesn’t know the first thing about it. Macho man is always right and never wrong about ANYTHING and if you just ask him he knows everything about everything and no one can tell him anything he doesn’t already claim to know. He likes to FAKE it all the way around.

Macho man worships his own ego not God. In truth he is incapable of worshiping God as no one full of their own ego can. Ego deceives them into believing they worship God but never tells them that God DETESTS egotism or that it comes not from God but from Satan! Egotism is overgrown self pride and Satan himself was the first to fall and commit the SIN of egotism! But these things the macho man does not know or denies.

Egotism is learned and acquired as we grow up in life.  We learn it from our peers, families, schools, religions, etc.  I do not think we are born with our egos but that we learn and acquire them.  The Bible, Torah, and Qur’an are full of warnings about egotism.  What we call “ego” today is what the ancient writers called the “sinful self” and the macho man is literally overflowing with his sinful self (ego).

Macho man likes to think of himself as being tough but his idea of tough is really about dominating other people.  He loves to impose HIS will on others and he’s focused on what HE wants.  He has no sense of empathy or compassion for other people because he is psycho-spiritually blinded to others and overly focused on his own self.    This is what ego does.  It blinds us to the needs and rights of others and makes us so we cannot get past our own selves.  Ego is all about the illustrious ME!  Egotism is overblown self pride which is a SIN.  Yes, we should have self pride but it must be tempered with humbleness and with reverence for God.  Pride caused Satan’s fall and it also causes man’s fall.

The Truly Masculine Man

Selfishness and egotism are NOT traits of a truly masculine man!  Playing the role of gangsta or terrorist are NOT traits of a truly Muslim or masculine man either!  True men know that things such as egotism and selfishness are spiritual sicknesses and they want nothing to do with them.

For the truly Muslim masculine man he chooses to live the values of the Koran.  He just doesn’t think about them, talk about them,  or believe them.  He practices them daily in his own life.  Such a man is a man who strives to tame his earthly desires as he is one who works towards self discipline (humbleness) in body, in his thoughts, and in his emotions.  He is not selfish but self-LESS as he thinks of others and not only of himself.  He is a wise man and a man with dignity.  He is a man who acts with compassion and understanding not out of ignorance and unbridled emotion.  The truly masculine man is the man who worships God without fear and in humbleness.  He seeks to teach and educate others in righteousness.  He takes care of himself and others as best he can within his means.  He is clean and dignified and respectful of others.  He is not materialistic.  His values include truth, justice, beauty, love, affection, compassion, and respect.  He seeks to liberate people who are oppressed and to raise up the spirits of those who are in despair.  He has a great love for God and a great compassion for other people.

The truly masculine man does NOT seek to impose himself or his will on others!  The idea of dominating others and disrespecting them is alien to him.  He responds to people’s needs and treats them with kindness and dignity.  He empathizes with others and treats the needy and less fortunate with respect and love not contempt and hate.  He is giving, merciful, and forgiving.  He does NOT seek to treat others with cruelty or selfishness.  He is good to his parents, relatives, and others.  He is not a man who sits around complaining and gossiping but is a man of action who gets things done the RIGHT way.  He is not vain or boastful about himself or his achievements in life.

The truly masculine man is one who is unafraid to talk to people.  He is trustful and trustworthy as his word is his bond, literally.  He does not use empty words but thinks before he speaks and every word he speaks is with intention.  He is one who KNOWS that Faith Perfects One’s Behavior!  He is a man of conscience and seeks to always behave his best being most considerate, trustful, inspiring, and tolerant.  His own personal example inspires others to be like him.  He is a man of merit and integrity and he works to free not enslave others.  He is altruistic, loving, and kind.  He is strong in body, mind, and spirit.  He knows he has the potential to be ruthless but he normally chooses to be firm and disciplined avoiding outrage and rage.  He knows himself to be a servant of the Lord.  He knows himself to be a Khalifa (Caliph) meaning a “representative of God Himself.”  He takes responsibility for himself, his actions, his words, and his feelings and avoids engaging in the “blame game.”

The truly masculine man honors life.  He does not go to and fro killing nor does he go to and fro berating others or putting them down for the sake of building himself up.  He knows his own strengths and weaknesses.  He is a man of honor not dishonor.  He has faith in God and seeks to do what is right in al things.  He does not associate with those that are not like him because he knows well the poison such people have and spread in the world today.  He is a man of common sense and does not argue endlessly with others.  He is a man who truly IS his brothers keeper!  He is a man who is extremely thankful to God even if he has but only a little.  He doesn’t hoard possessions but most often gives them away.  He is a man of conscience and one who shares freely and without conditions.

This is the truly masculine man and this is also the truly Muslim man.  And this is also the true Christian and Jewish man!  This is how God wants us to be.  He does NOT want us to be selfish, arrogant, or egotistical.  Those things are not only moral sickness but they are also spiritual sickness that destroys a society and the individual.  The TRUE BELIEVER whatever his or her faith has no use for egotism, arrogance, or selfishness!


Traits of the Truly Muslim Man—-

Lives the values of the Quran (love, compassion, mercy)
Self disciplined in body, mind, and spirit
Teaches others
Cares for self and others
Respectful of God and other people as well as self
Values truth, justice, beauty, love, affection, compassion, and respect
Seeks to liberate and not enslave people
Greatly loves God before all else
Does not seek to impose himself or his will on others unjustly
Responds to peoples needs
Treats others with dignity
Has compassion for the needy and weak
He is giving, forgiving, merciful
He is a good father and son
Doesn’t complain or engage in gossip
A man of action
Does not boast about himself
Unafraid to talk to people
His word is his bond
Strong in body, mind, and spirit
Firm and disciplined in his thoughts and actions
Knows he is a servant of God
Takes responsibility for his actions and himself
Avoids engaging in the blame game
Uses common sense
A man of conscience
Does the right thing
Has no tolerance for arrogance


Conclusions & Final Comments

The world cannot and MUST not be without truly masculine men who understand what it really is to be a man.  The world will be in perpetual turmoil under the guise and rule of the macho man types who love death and who love themselves alone.  Masculine men from EVERY religion and EVERY culture and nation MUST teach boys how to be masculine men!  This feminization of males that we see especially in Western society MUST STOP!  The ridiculous myths being promoted that all men are sex driven monsters must be exposed for the lies they are and males must once again be made to be strong, proud, and masculine.  Women cannot do this for they are not men.  Only masculine men can do this and make a boy into a man.

Most of the wisdom in this world is false wisdom and it’s not even wisdom at all.  It is utter foolishness!  The wisdom of the world goes against God and goes against what is natural.  This is especially so when it comes to males today.  Males are born with an innate masculinity that must be brought forth and must be allowed to flourish.  Masculine men must help our youth to bring out this innate masculinity within them.  We cannot and must not abdicate our God-given duty any longer!  Men MUST teach boys to be men and if we don’t then we are NOT doing God’s Will.

In terms of nature and the natural no matter how this modern LOST world tries to spin it the FACT is man is a part of nature.  Nature is NOT our enemy!  You can take man out of nature but ultimately you cannot take nature out of man for he is a part of it always.  We’ve fooled ourselves by thinking we are not a part of nature, building our FAKE jungles of steel and concret.  About as far as most of us get out into nature is the local city park!  Sorry but that’s kind of a FAKE nature. How about getting out into the wildlands hiking, fishing, hunting?  Man must connect with nature and realize he is a part of it.  In so doing man discovers that innate masculinity within him.  Macho men are not going to save anything.  They will destroy everything!  Masculine men are far more capable of saving the world and our society from the utter disaster it now stands on the brink of.

I was greatly shocked and saddened when I read what the Boy Scouts have become today.  It used to be a group that helped boys grow into responsible masculine men but now it appears it is just some group that is seeking to feminize our male youth.  That is the WRONG thing to do!  I have lost all respect for the Boy Scouts now and will no longer support them in any way.  And let me end with a question to you.

The Boy Scouts no longer teach boys to become masculine men.  Men have abdicated their role in teachng boys to become masculine men.  So who now will teach a boy to become a MAN?