In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

I dedicate this book to the glory of Allah that the world might know Truth instead of lies.  I dedicate this book also to every True Muslim and to every True Believer who stands among the People of the Book.

The minaret of the Great Mosque at Kairouan in Tunisia became the prototype for the majority of North African minarets.

The minaret of the Great Mosque at Kairouan in Tunisia became the prototype for the majority of North African minarets.

Table of Contents

Ch 1–The Prophet & Islamic History
Ch 2–Lessons from the Caliphs
Ch 3–God Detests the Hypocrites
Ch 4–Religious Tolerance
Ch 5–We Are Khalifs

Ch6–The Value of Knowledge



Radical Islam is growing and many people now associate terrorism and mass murder with Islam assuming that all Muslims must be terrorists and radicals but this is far from being the case.  In fact most Muslims are not radicals and they do not subscribe to the radical ideology at all that promotes radicalism.  To the contrary, most Muslims are peace loving and very tolerant and compassionate.  No one is more horrified by what they see the terrorists do in the name of Allah and it disgusts most true Muslims today.  Sadly, Islam is being used by the terrorists to advance their agenda not God’s and that agenda is POLITICAL, not religious at all.  People need to understand this.  The terrorists and suicide bombers DO NOT represent Islam nor most Muslims!  Their agenda is POLITICAL.

Every faith has a dark period in their history and, sadly, this seems to be the dark period in Islam as radicals take our faith and wear it as a mask in order to advance their political agendas.  These terrorists serve MAN not God.  If they truly were serving Allah then they would not be killing nor would they be committing suicide as they would know that the Holy Qur’an clearly teaches that murder is sin and wrong AND suicide is sin and wrong.  These radicals make all sorts of unfounded accusations but no one has killed more Muslims than Muslims themselves!  That can also be said about Christians and Jews.  Recall the 300 year Inquisitions and the Salem Witch Trials?

Right now Muslims are being used as the world’s scapegoats.  Just about any act of violence that comes to world attention is blamed on Muslim terrorists.  Murder, suicide, and terrorism are sins in TRUE ISLAM.  The burning down of Synagogues, Churches, and Mosques is a SIN in true Islam as the Holy Qur’an clearly teaches.  True Muslims are suppose to respect and protect the places of worship of the Jews and Christians as they do their own Mosques.  That is because, as the Qur’an teaches, they are all building in which the SAME GOD is worshiped by the faithful.  Radical Islam must be confronted before our entire faith is hijacked and perverted beyond recognition.  What is happening in the world today is that Muslims are being demonized and marginalized unjustly because when people think of Islam they think of the radicals who DO NOT REPRESENT THE MAJORITY!  It is time to speak out and to confront these people and expose their POLITICAL agenda and STOP allowing them to use our faith as a cover and mask.  It is now time for all TRUE MUSLIMS to be bold and courageous for the glory of Allah!!

Atop the radicals who have hijacked our faith Muslims must deal with the people of other faiths who make no attempt to hide their hatred of or contempt for us.  These people make their hatred and prejudice very apparent as they threaten, mock, and insult us.  Let us NOT lower our own selves to their low levels of existence!  As Muslims we are suppose to be intelligent and wise as God commands.  As Muslims we are suppose to be compassionate, forgiving, and tolerant EVEN in the face of evil and hatred.  As TRUE MUSLIMS we are suppose to be a people with integrity so let us act as such for this IS what Allah desires of EVERY true Muslim.

The founder of our faith is the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  In his final sermon before he died he admonished every true Muslim to:

“Beware of Satan, for the safety of your religion.
He has lost all hope that he will ever be able to lead you astray in big things,
so beware of following him in small things.”

Our real JIHAD is against Satan not against men.  We fight that jihad every day within ourselves as we try our best to avoid sin.  Satan knows he’s already lost the big battles so he aims his attack on us in smaller ways.  It is he who has hijacked our faith and who is attempting to pervert it into something it was NEVER intended to be by the Prophet or by Allah.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also said in his last sermon that all mankind was created from Adam and Eve and, indeed, we all are.  He reminded Muslims that we are all equal and no one of us has superiority over another no matter what our ethnicity or race.  He also said,

“Every Muslim is a Brother to every Muslim and Muslims constitute a Brotherhood.”

You would hardly know we are brothers today with all of our fighting and divisions.  Islam need to return to this command from the Prophet!  We need to constitute ONE FAITH and ONE BROTHERHOOD in which EVERY Muslim is a brother.  Satan is doing his best today to make sure this doesn’t happen because Satan is the author of division not unity.  He seeks to drive a wedge between Muslims and the People of the Book (Christians and Jews).  Satan is seeking to turn us away from God and this is his ultimate goal.  That is why it is so important today that Muslims stand UNITED not divided.  Satan is waging an Un-holy jihad against every True Believer!  We must respond to him by waging our own personal and collective jihad against him and defeat him with the help of Allah within ourselves in in the world.

There is so much misinformation about Islam and Muslims today that it is astounding in the West.  Like I said, some people are attempting to demonize and marginalize Muslims out of their hatred for us that they make clear.  We have been made into the scapegoats and devils of the modern world unjustly and unfairly.  Our faith is being painted as one of murder and war.  Meanwhile the TRUTH about Islam and about Muslims is ignored.  It is time to set the record straight and it is time to CONFRONT the hate-mongers and the radicals who commit the sins of murder and suicide via terrorist acts.

This book is my effort to set the record straight for the glory of my Lord Allah.  It is time the world start hearing of True Islam and STOP believing the lies that are being told about us!  Let us begin.

Abbas Khan
Spring 2013

Chapter 1
The Prophet & Islamic History

In 570 the child who would grow up to become the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born into a family of the Quraysh clan in what is today Saudi Arabia.  He would grow to become the founder and leader of Islam one of the world’s three major religions along with Judaism and Christianity.  At the time of his birth the Quraysh clan was alhambra gardenthe ruling tribe in the city of Mecca in northwest Arabia.  Mecca was the original site of the Kabah, a shrine said to have been built by the Prophet Abraham (pbuh).  Mecca was an important trade center and it was dominated by powerful merchant families.  Muhammad’s father was named Abd Allah ibn’Abd al-Muttalib.  He died before Muhammad was born.  His mother was named Aminah and she died when Muhammad was six years old.  Thus, Muhammad became an orphan with no parents living.

Muhammad was taken into the care of his grandfather who was chief of the clan of the Hashim.  After his grandfather died he was given into the care of his uncle, Abu Talib.  It was during this time that the young boy was sent away for a year, as was custom in that time, to live with the Bedouins.  Muhammad learned to endure the harsh life of the Bedouin in the barren deserts.  He learned patience and borbearance of the herdsmen and he came to share and understand that solitude of the Bedouin life and appreciated it.

In 590 the Prophet was in his early twenties.  He entered into the service of an older woman named Khadijah as a merchant.  She was a widow.  He began actively engaged in trading with the caravans in the north and he ended up marrying Khadijah.  Together they had two sons neither of which survived.  However they also had four daughters also.  Muhammad traveled widely during this time in his life and when he reached his forties he began to retire to meditate in a cave on Mt Hira which is outside Mecca.  It was in this cave on Mt Hira that Muhammad first heard the voice of the Angel Gabriel ordering him to recite.  Three times the angel commanded him and three times he pleaded with the angel telling him he was unable to do so.  Finally, the Prophet began to recite the words spoken to him by the Angel Gabriel and these words form the first five verses of the Holy Qur’an in Sura 96.  These words proclaim God as the Creator of all things and humankind and as the Source of all true knowledge.

“Read in the name of your Lord Who created.
He created man from a clot.
Read and your Lord is Most Honorable,
Who taught (to write) with the pen
Taught man what he knew not.”
(Sura al-Alaq 96:1-5)

Muhammad first only spoke of this to his wife and close friends but as the revelations continued he began to proclaim the oneness of Allah (God).  Those who followed him grew in numbers.  Most of his first disciples were slaves and from the poor.  Later prominent men and women in Mecca began to join him as well.  The revelations he received are recorded in the Holy Qur’an which is the Islamic Scripture.

alhambra7In the beginning Muhammad and his teachings of God’s oneness were not received well by all.  Even people in his own clan rejected his teachings and message as in those days the Meccans were idol worshipers believing in many pagan gods.  This belief in unity was paramount to his message.  His message also taught of the great and unbounded compassion God has for we who submit to His Will instead of our own.  It affirmed the Last Judgment when every soul will be made to give account before God and on which the truly faithful will be rewarded with Paradise and the unfaithful will be rewarded with the fires of Hell.  His message loudly rejected polytheism and emphasized man’s moral responsibility using powerful images and, thus, the message presented the Meccans with a powerful and challenging message.

So Muhammad began to preach the message of the Qur’an and after preaching for about ten years opposition against him grew and the Muslims began to fear for their own safety.  The Prophet sent some of his followers to the Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia where they were granted asylum and safety by the Christian king there.  When the Meccans pursued them and demanded the king turn them over to them he refused.  More and more back in Arabia the followers of Muhammad’s teachings were abused, tortured, and harassed by the idol worshiping Meccans.  The Prophet sent 70 of his followers to the northern town of Yathrib (Medina) for their own safety as the Meccans were trying to kill them and Muhammad.  In the early fall of 622 the Prophet uncovered a plot to kill him by the Meccans and he and his closest friend, Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, left Mecca to join the other Muslims he had sent off earlier.  When the Meccans went to Muhammad’s home with intent to kill him they found instead of the Prophet his cousin Ali sleeping in the Prophet’s bed.  The Meccans were outraged so they put a price on Muhammad’s head and pursued Muhammad and Abu Bakr across the deserts of Arabia.  It was at this time that a spider spun a giant web across the mouth of the cave where Muhammad had received the revelations.  The Meccans found the cave and noticed the web was unbroken so they left the cave alone never knowing that Muhammad and Abu Bakr were hiding inside.  After the Meccans went by the Prophet and his friend went to Medina where the rest of the Muslims had gathered. T

his is known as the “Hijrah” from which is dated the beginning of the Islamic calendar.  To say “Hijrah” means “flight” is inaccurate.  It means “the migration.”  This marks the beginning of the Islamic era and a new way of life for Muslims.  From this point forward the community was to no longer be organized along kinship bloodlines but around the BROTHERHOOD of ALL Muslims.

On 15, March 624 (the Ides of March), Muhammad and the Muslims decided to confront the murderous Meccan pagans.  The first battle between them took place near Badr which is was a small town southwest of Medina.  The Muslims were outnumbered 3 to 1 by the Meccans but they successfully routed the Meccans.

“Many a small band has, by Allah’s grace,  defeated a mighty army.”
Sura 2:249

During this battle the Muslims displayed great self discipline and patience.  A year later the Meccans waged their own attack against the Muslims in Medina at a place known as Uhud which was a ridge outside of Medina.  During this battle Muhammad himself was wounded in the battle.  The Meccans had an army of 10,000 warriors and they attacked Medina again two years later.  That second attack is known as the Battle of the Trench and the Battle of the Confederates.  The Muslims won an important victory over the Meccan cavalry as they had dug a deep trench before the Meccans arrived outside the city.  The Meccan cavalry could not cross it so they laid seige to Medina.  The Meccans could not keep up the seige so they withdrew and Medina was now entirely in the hands of Muhammad and the Muslims from that point onward.

In the Constitution of Medina the various clans there accepted Muhammad as God’s Prophet and they formed a federation.  The Muslims had now defined themselves as a real community and brotherhood.  The Constitution also defined the role of all non-Muslims in the community including Jews in Medina.  Non-Muslims were named as the “Dhimmis” meaning “protected peoples” and they were protected by the Muslims as long as they conformed to Muslim law in Medina.  This established the Muslim precendent for the treatment of non-Muslim peoples.  Christians and Jew were ordered to pay a yearly tax and in exchange they were allowed religious freedom.  Although they were non-Muslims they held the status of associate members of the Muslim state.  This status did not apply to polytheists who were not tolerated by the Muslim community.

During this time the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) sent letters to the rulers of the earth including the Shah of Persia, the Byzantine Emperor, the Negus of Abyssinia, and the Governor of Egypt, et al.  He invited them to submit to Islam and become art1Muslims.  Muhammad established several key alliances at this point among the various Arabian tribes.  By 628 there were 1500 Muslims under Muhammad and they demanded access to the Kabah in the heart of Mecca.  In 629 the Prophet reentered Mecca without bloodshed and in a spirt of tolerance.  He destroyed the Meccan idol inside the Kabah and put an end to their pagan idol worship.  Muhammad won the support and allegiance of Amr ibn al-As who was to be the future conqueror of Egypt and of Khalid ibn al-Walid who was to be the future “Sword of God.”  Both of these men embraced Islam and became Muslims.  It is interesting to note that both of these men had formerly been Muhammad’s most bitter opponents.

The Prophets return to Mecca was a climax in his life.  He and his followers had once fled the city for their lives and now returned triumphant over them.  In 632, Muhammad became suddenly ill and on June 8, 632 with his third wife, Aishah, at his side the Prophet died about noon.  The Muslims felt a great loss at his death.  They had come to view him as the exemplar of Islamic teachings and beliefs.  But his death did not end Islam.  His best friend Abu Bakr told the mourning Muslims this:

“Whoever worshiped Muhammad,
let him know that Muhammad is dead,
but whoever worshiped God,
let him know that God LIVES and dies not.”
(Abu Bakr 632)

Muhammad was an orphan, a warrior, a messenger, a prophet, and a man.  He did not proclaim worship of himself but commanded and taught that we are to worship God and God alone.  He forged Muslims into a Brotherhood and promoted compassion and tolerance for non-Muslims as well as fellow Muslims.  He proclaimed that God is ALIVE and ETERNAL.  He denounced pagan worhsip of idols and multiple false gods.  He was a man who did whatever needed to be done to save the Muslim community and ensure their safety.  He was a man of wisdom, knowledge, and vision.  Most importantly he did not simply practice Islam.  He lived it!  All of these things we see in Muhammad are what every true Muslim today is suppose to be.  We should be emulated the values of the Prophet in our own daily lives.  If we are not then we are not true Muslims.


Chapter 2

Lessons from the Caliphs

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was not seeking people to worship him.  Rather, he was seeking people to worship the One True God of All Things.  He did not wish people to worship him because he had conquered his ego (sinful self).  He was not arrogant, prideful, or selfish.  He had a special place in his heart for orphans and the alhambra4marginalized because he himself was an orphan and had been marginalized.  He was a warrior in defense of his people, a messenger for the Word of God, the Holy Qur’an which was NOT given to replace the Torah and the Gospel but was given to confirm them as stated in the Qur’an.  He was a prophet for Allah and he was a man.  As I said in the end of the last chapter EVERY True Muslim today ought to be emulated him in their own daily lives but how many really are?  And how many are simply swayed by political agendas that really have nothing to do with Allah whatsoever and everything to do with some mens pride?

When Muhammad died there was confusion over who would lead the Muslim community.  The close friend of the prophet, Abu Bakr was chosen as the Khalifah (Caliph, Successor) of Muhammad and Abu Bakr was given the task of governing the Muslims according to the Qur’an and practices of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  Sadly, his tenure as Caliph was short but highly significant.

Abu Bakr lived simply and fulfilled his religious obligations daily just as the prophet had.  He was accessible to the people and had great compassion for them.  But he was also a firm man.  When some of the tribes denounced Islam upon Muhammad’s death, Abu Bakr was swift to punish them.  He successfully united most of the Arabian tribes and began to funnel their energies into dealing with the Persians and Byzantines who were hostile towards the Muslims.  He demonstrated the true viability of the Muslim state.

Umar succeeded Abu Bakr as Caliph upon his death and he was his handpicked successor.  Umar adopted the title of “Amir al-Muminin” which means “Commander of the Faithful.”  He extended Islam’s temporal rule into Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Persia through winning astounding military victories.  In a mere four years after Muhammad’s death the Muslim Caliphate had extended its influence over the whole of Syria, blunted the power of the Byzantines, and spread the message of Islam widely.  But what is most amazing is the Muslim state displayed a constant and consistent tolerance in dealing with conquered territories which was unheard of in those times long ago.  Christians in Damascus, for example, were given protection by the Muslim State and were allowed to keep their homes and churches.  This tolerance was typical of Islam because the Prophet himself was very tolerant just as all True Muslims should be still today.

Umar had no time for pomp and fanfair.  When the Byzantines surrendered Jerusalem he went to accept the surrender personally entering Jerusalem alone and wearing a simply cloak.  The population was astounded by this lack of pomp because they were used to the pomp of the Byzantines and Persians.  Umar astounded them further by negotiating a generous treaty in which he informed the people of Jerusalem that they had complete security for their churches and told them they would not be taken over by Muslims and turned into mosques nor destroyed.  Again, a display of tolerance and reverence for houses of worhip that are non-Muslim and yet another trait of early Muslims that we should emulate today.

Syrian Christians welcomed the Muslims as an end to the tyranny they had endured under the Byzantines who persecuted them over theological differences.  Coptic Christians in Egypt also welcomed the Muslim coming as did many Christians and Jews elsewhere for they saw Islam’s victory over their lands as an end to the tyranny they’d long suffered under others.  And consistently the Muslims showed TOLERANCE especially towards the Jews and Christians, the People of the Book, as they are called in the Qur’an.

Umar was Caliph for 10 years and he ended his rule with a major victory over the Persian Empire.  He is remembered not just for his tolerance but also for his sense of justice, social ideals, administrative skills, and statesmanship.  He was succeeded by Ulthman.

It was under Ulthman that some serious strains on Islam began to appear.  One of his major contributions was to compile an official Qur’an and destroy variants which had distorted the teachings of the Prophet.  Ulthman tended to favor clan and family members and this did not go over well with other Muslims.  Ulthman was eventually killed and this caused a rift in the Muslim state that even today still has not been completely closed or healed.

The rift concerned the legitimacy of Ali’s caliphate.  Ali was chosen as the fourth caliph.  Ulthman’s relatives thought Ali’s rule was invalid because his election was supported by those who had killed Ulthman.  In 657 this all came to a climax and resulted in major divisions between Sunni and Shi’a Muslims.  The two sects of Islam agreed on most of the essentials of Islam.  They both believed the Qur’an to be the revealed Word of God and they both followed the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  They observed the same rituals too but POLITICAL concerns, not religious concerns, centered around the choice of the caliph (successor) of the Prophet.

Most of the Muslims supported the election of Abu Bakr, the 1st Caliph, after Muhammad died.  These people would come to compose the Sunni sect of Islam we know today.  They considered the caliph successor ONLY in his capacity as ruler of the Muslim community.  The Shites, in contrast, believed the caliph should be nonelective but must be a member of the family of Muhammad.  This division in Islam continued to develop and in 680 Ali’s son, Husayn and his followers were killed in Iraq.

This division caused much turmoil and great sorrow in the Muslim community on both sides.  Allah warns us repeatedly of division and urges us to avoid it as it cause much trouble.  The message of Islam is one of Unity not division.  Muhammad’s teachings supported and urged unity not division.  Can it not be said then that True Islam is about Unity and not division. Surely it is even today and must be made so!


Chapter 3

God Detests the Hypocrites!

Here’s a fact.  God created ALL life!  He created every rock and stone.  He created every bird of the air and deer of the field.  He created every tree that grows and every fern.  He created every planet and star and He created every human being.  Good or bad, male or female, God created us ALL.  As the Creator of Life I do not for a minute believe that God wishes to kill in His Name!  God is the Creator not the destroyer.  Satan, however, is the Destroyer as is made clear in the Qur’an, Torah, and Gospel.  God does not murder but MAN does!  And here’s something else MAN does.  He likes to justify his MURDER in the name of his religion and in the name of his god which, sadly, is usually Satan!  Let’s not try to frost it over.

It enrages me to no end what I see some people claiming to be Muslims doing today.  It enrages me to no end what I see some people claiming to be Christians and Jews doing today. Anyone remember Northern Ireland?  Catholic against Protestant and death around every corner?  And anyone aware of the plight of the Palestinians under the oppression of the Jewish State?  ALL are GUILTY of MURDER!  Of course it’s all done in the name of “God” but let me assure you that GOD has NOTHING to do with any of it!  It is MAN that has EVERYTHING to do with it period.  All of these people attempt to justify their human slaughter in the name of their religion but the FACT is their HUMAN SLAUGHTER has nothing to do with it at all.  They do not have a religious agenda.  They have a POLITICAL agenda!

I’m personally very sick of seeing human beings hate life instead of honoring life while at the same time claiming they are holier-than-thou and no matter what they do they are justified.  Sorry!  Dead wrong!  Claiming to worship the God who is The Creator while killing your fellow human beings for ANY cause is hypocritical and the FACT is God DETESTS HYPOCRITES!  Hypocrisy is a SIN and true Muslims do NOT engage in it as neither do true Christians or true Jews.

“Tell the hypocrites that they shall have a painful punishment!”
Sura 4:138

“….Allah will gather together the hypocrites and the unbelievers all in Hell.”
Sura 4:140

“Surely the hypocrites try to deceive Allah, and He shall requite their deceit to them,
and when they stand up to pray they stand up sluggishly;
the do it only to be seen by men and do not remember Allah save a little.”
Sura 4:142

“Surely the hypocrites are in the lowest stage of the Fire
and you shall not find a helper for them.”
Sura 4:145

True Muslims are not hypocrites.  They do not engage in hypocrisy because they know just how much Allah detests such a sin.  True Islam does NOT teach hypocrisy for it would be teaching sin!  God knows who the True Believers are and He also knows who the hypocrites are so make no mistake about it.

“And most certainly Allah knows those who believe
and most certainly He knows the hypocrites.”
Sura 29:11

Allah loves the sincere.  He loves people who do what they say they will do for LIFE not death.  He will reward those who honor TRUTH not atrocity or hypocrisy.

“That Allah may reward the Truthful for their truth,
and punish the hypocrites if He please….”
Sura 33:24

Hypocrites are liars!  All of them are LIARS!  There is no truth telling hypocrite because they dishonor truth.

“….Allah bears witness that the hypocrites are surely liars.”
Sura 63:1

Claiming that Allah is the Creator of All Things and then turning around and claiming Allah loves to murder is hypocrisy!  Why would Allah engage in a sin He so detests?  The FACT He does not because Allah is not a hypocrite.  Not only is hypocrisy a sin but trying to use Allah the Creator as the destroyer is also a sin.

Hypocrisy is NOT one of the values taught by the Qur’an.  It was NOT one of the values honored by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or his companions.  So why do some Muslims today engage in it?  Why do they speak out of both sides of their mouths?  Why do they attempt to use the Creator as the destroyer?  The short answer is because their “cause” has nothing to do with Allah or Islam but only with POLITICAL AGENDAS and make no mistake about it.  ALLAH will JUDGE them!  I would not wish to be in their shoes when Allah asks them to explain why they used Him to justify their desire to KILL.

I read in the media yesterday that the most holy synagogue in Syria was destroyed.  I also read that in Libya a renowed Sufi tomb and shrine had been destroyed.  I also read how now in Libya Muslim men are beaten and whipped for not conforming to the new government there for even the slighest reason.  In Syria the government and al Qaeda are blaming each other for destruction of the Synagogue.  LIARS ALL!  I don’t believe either of them.  FACT is Muslims have an obligation to protect the places of worship not only the mosques but also the synagogues and churches because in them is worshiped the same and only God.  So the FACT is whoever destroyed that synagogue has committed a grave SIN in the eyes of Allah!  And the same is true for the Sufi shrine and mosque that was destroyed in Libya.  And as for the beatings there?  Do you really believe that Allah wishes to see men beaten like rats?  He detests such actions!  Oh but all these people are like busy mice running to and fro trying to blame and justify as they try to deceive not just the world but also Allah!  Make not mistake.  Allah sees the TRUTH behind it all.  He cannot be deceived!  I think the people in Libya and Syria had better repent and beg Allah for forgiveness before they find themselves in Hell.

Oppression, hypocrisy, slaughter, murder, hate, injustice, spite, envy, rage, terrorism…..these are NOT the values of TRUE ISLAM!  They are not seen as being righteous in the eyes of Allah!  They are all SINS!  So why do we have Muslims engaging in them?  Again, it is all a POLITICAL AGENDA wearing the MASK of “Islam” but it is NOT ISLAM at all.

Here’s something else I’m sick and tired of.  Why doesn’t the media stop asking the hypocrites what they think and start asking the TRULY FAITHFUL what they think?  Who cares what the hypocrites think?  Why ask murderers what their cause is when we all know their ONLY cause is human slaughter?  Why not ask the TRULY FAITHFUL what they think about life and the Creator of All Life?  The hypocrites are insignificant.  They are on their way to HELL!  Anyone who murders and maimes is on their way to Hell.  Why?  Because murder is SIN and the Qur’an, Gospel, and Torah make that FACT abundantly CLEAR!  To listen to some of the media one gets the impression that Islam is not a religion of peace but a religion of murder and destruction.  I’m SICK of these creeps in the media paintly MY religion as something it is not and I’m even more SICK of the hypocrites who have decided to wear the mask of Islam when they are NOT true believers!!  Hypocrites are, in fact, INFIDELS!!  The true infidels!


Chapter 4

Religious Tolerance

“Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error…”
Sura al-Baqarah 256

“If it had been you Lord’s Will, they would have believed, all who are on earth!
Will you then compel people, against their will to believe?”
Sura al-Yunus 10:99

“Say:  We believe in Allah and the revelation given to us, and to Ibrahim (Abraham), Isma’il (Ishmael), Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Musa (Moses) and to Isa (Jesus), and that given to all of the Prophets from their Lord; we make no difference  between any of them, and we submit to Allah.”
Sura 2:136

“…Had not Allah checked one set of people by means of another there would surely have been puled down monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the Name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure…”
Sura al-Hajj 22:40

Had Allah (God) desired it to be so he would have made everyone on the planet to be a Muslim, or a Christian, or a Jew, or something else.  But that was not what He desired obviously and that is why we have people of different faiths.  Sura 10 flowers1al-Yunus asks us a question.  It asks us that since it obviously was not Allah’s Will to make us all of one faith then how will we compel others to share our faith against their will.  Further, Sura al-Baqarah informs us that there is to be no compulsion in religion because Truth stands apart and clear from error.  Have you ever tried to force someone to believe something?  It doesn’t work even if they pretend to believe what you wish them to believe in the backs of their minds they really don’t believe it.  They They always question it.  Their belief is never 100%.

Some people think they can force others to believe something but isn’t belief really a matter of choice?  Surely it is.  Isn’t faith a matter of the heart?  How can you force faith and belief on someone and compel them to believe?  Even when tortured people do not believe, really.  Oh they might believe for as long as they are tortured and oppressed but once liberated their lack of real belief becomes apparent.  But that is not the big question.

The big question is since it was NOT Allah’s Will to make all people one faith then who are we to decide otherwise?  Who are we to compel others to believe what we believe?  Are we to override Allah’s Will and face the consequences of such error (sin)?  Wouldn’t that be a challenge to God Himself?  I would not wish to face Allah on Judgment Day and be asked why I challenged His Will.  So I personally avoid challenging His Will as a result.

God’s Will is paramount and Supreme.  Man’s will is inferior and subservient to Allah’s Will or, at least, it should be.  In the above verses from the Holy Qur’an, Allah makes His Will clear.  He first tells us that we should NOT compel people in religion and that it was NOT His Will to make all people of one faith.  Who are we to challenge or question Him on that?

This is what many people don’t understand today be they Muslim, Christian, or Jew.  Some think that everyone must be like them and hold the same beliefs and if they don’t then they are going to Hell because only they hold the Truth.  But this is not so and the above Quranic verses make that very clear.  Obviously since it was not God’s Will that we all be of one faith none of us have the entire pie but we all share that pie.

Notice what we are taught in Sura 2:136.  It says we (Muslims) believe in God and in His revelation, the Holy Qur’an.  And we believe in those revelations given to Abraham, Ishmael, Jacob, Jesus, Moses, and the Prophets.  And most importantly Muslims are to submit to Allah.  So, again, who are we to question Allah’s Will?  Who are we to challenge His Will and compel people to believe as we believe?  And why do we have people of varied faiths?  That is answered in Sura al-Hajj 22:40 above.  It is because we check each other by means of another.  In other words, it is so we can keep each other in line and confirm each other in our beliefs.  There is only one God and God wants us to get it right.  He wants our faith to be pure.  It’s like a divine system of checks and balances in some ways.

Some people say that the Qur’an was given to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) because the Christians and Jews had corrupted the Gospel and Torah.  I personally do not believe that.  I think Allah has revealed Himself to people of other cultures in a way that they could understand and know Him.  Jews are suppose to submit themselves to God.  Christians are suppose to submit themselves to God.  Muslims are suppose to submit themselves to God.  So what is the difference?  members of all Interfaith1three faiths are to submit themselves to God and to His Will fully and completely.  And if we don’t then we are in error which is sin.  Further, the Qur’an makes cleear that God revealed it not to supplant the Torah or Gospels but to confirm them, that which came before the Qur’an.  The Qur’an is a confirmation of the Gospel and Torah not a substitute!  But how many understand this today?  Sadly it appears we have many who do not understand this and who believe they must compel others to become Muslims.  But Allah, by the Holy Qur’an, tells us that there is to be “no compulsion in religion.”  So by forcing someone to become a Muslim are we not committing error (sin)?  Are we not challenging Allah’s Will?  Surely Allah would like everyone to be a Muslim but He does not force everyone to become one even though He easily could force them to.  But He doesn’t do that and, instead, tells us there must be no compulsion in religion.  People must come to Islam by their own free will.  By discerning Truth from error.  By submitting voluntarily to God and allowing Him to help them change their lives and become “new creations” as the Gospels teach.

Allah has given humanity a consistent message for aeons now and sadly we still don’t seem to get the point.  He wants us to submit to His Will and not to our own.  He wants us to be compassionate, loving, forgiving, merciful, knowledgeable, and wise.  He wants us to worship Him and Him alone and no other thing.  He wants us to be humble and avoid egotism and arrogance.  He wants us to care about other people and help them anyway we can within our means.  He wants us to use whatever wealth He has given us not for our own endless indulgence but to help others.  All things belong to Allah.  When He gives us something He does so to see what we will do with it.  Yes it is a test.  A test to see what we will do.  Will we do His Will or will we do our own selfish will?  That is the test.  Do we fail that test or do we succeed and, thus, strengthen our devotion to Allah?  These are questions each of us must ask ourselves.  We own nothing on this world for all things belong to Allah.  We only borrow them and our borrowing is a test and, assuredly, Allah is watching to see what we do with it.

Most Muslims today seriously need to sit down and think about Allah’s Will especially in matters of religion.  So do most Christians and Jews.  We need to stop this, “I’m right; you’re all wrong” routine because it is very childish and ignorant.  It is also very arrogant and arrogance is a sin as Allah makes clear.  Satan was the first to commit the sin of arrogance.  Are we to follow in his footsteps?  I would hope not!

The Qur’ann teaches that a Muslim is to simply tell or teach people the Truth as revealed in the Qur’an.  And then it is up to the person they tell to decide if they wish to become a Muslim.  If they don’t then we are simply to send them on their way and let Allah deal with them.  Is that what we are doing today?  Or are we forcing people, compelling them in religion?  If we are then we are committing not one but two sins.  That of compelling people and that of not allowing Allah to deal with those who refuse to submit to Him.  Do you really want to answer for that come Judgment Day?  I for one do not.

Like I said earlier.  Every Muslim today must begin to ask themselves whose will are they really carrying out.  Allah’s Supreme Will or their own inferior manly will?  Every Muslim will be forced to give account for their every action before Allah.  So will every Jew and every Christian.  Should we be certain that we are not challenging Allah’s Will?  Should we NOT be doing what Allah forbids (ie: forcing people to become Muslims)?  Should we honor and respect the FACT that it is Allah’s Will that we NOT all be of one faith for it would have been easy for Him to make us all of one faith.  But He chose not to and that is His Will.  IF we are TRUE MUSLIMS then we must respect, honor, and obey Allah’s Supreme Will and set aside our own.  Otherwise we have not fully submitted to Him and, again, we add more sin atop our heads which we will answer for come the Final Day.


Chapter 5

We Are All Khalifs!!


Allah (the Arabic name meaning “God,” the same God worshiped by Christians and Jews) created all life on Earth according to the Gospels, Quran, and Torah.  The climax of God’s masterpiece creation was the creation of human beings who were created in His image.  Thus human beings are given a special place in the creation and in the eyes of God and it would do us all well to take heed of that FACT and perhaps begin to act like it instead of trying to be the lowest common denominator that we can.

In the second chapter (sura) of the Quran, verse 30 we find something highly significant about humanity as we are given a special charge by God.  Here’s what that verse says:

“And when your Lord said to the angels, I Am going to place in the earth a Khalif, they said:
Will you place in it such as shall make mischeif in it and shed blood,
while we celebrate your praise and extol your Holiness?
He said, I know what you to not know.”
(Sura 2:30)

So what is a “Khalif”?  The term comes from the root word “khalafa: which means “came after or succeeded.”  It can also mean “representative.”  God gave humans stewardship over the earth creation.  We are suppose to be taking care of creation not pillaging her.  The Quran says that the faithful are khalifs.  The Gospels say the same thing only in the Gospels the term “ambassador” is used.  It says the faithful are “Ambassadors for Christ.” (2 Corinthians 5:20)  Thus, again, we are representatives of God and this is confirmed by both the Koran and the Gospels.  So why aren’t we acting like it?  This is a great and magnificent charge given to us by the Divine Himself.

When I think of a Khalif, Ambassador, or Viceroy I envision a person who has power, honor, integrity, and who engenders respect and admiration.  I envision such a person as a humble person not arrogrant or full of himself.  I also envision such a person as being absolutely loyal to his ruler who, in this case, is God Himself.  Further, in my mind such a person carries great responsibility and, thus, acts with wisdom and common sense as he/she is controlled by his intellect not his/her emotions.

This mandate from God that we be Khalifs or Ambassadors is nothing short of magnificent.  It is our mandate from our Creator.  We as the faithful are suppose to be conducting ourselves and our affairs knowing that we are God’s representatives on earth.  This carries great responsibility but how many of us take this seriously today?  God has given us a great responsibility to live up to.  Why are we not striving to live up to it?

As God’s representatives on Earth (Khalifs) He entrusted human beings to carry out his commands and live by His rules and laws.  God Himself entrusted us to be his representatives on Earth!  He believed that human beings were capable of carrying out that trust because human beings have the capacity to learn, to make choices, and to build (create things).  We have the ability to learn and accumulate wisdom and knowledge.  God expects that we use this wisdom and knowledge that we gain for GOOD not evil.  In the Koran, God’s first word to humans was “READ!”.  This was spoke to Adam by the Archangel Gabriel (Jibril) who spoke to the Prophet Muhammid (pbuh).  He repeated this word no less than three times. to confirm its importance to humanity!  And what happens when we read?  We learn, hopefully.  God wants us to LEARN!  God does not want us living in ignorance and darkness!  He wants us living in LIGHT and learning is in the LIGHT!

God gave humans free will and the ability to make choices.  Life doesn’t happen haphazardly.  Life is about CHOICES and we all make choices every second whether we realize it or not.  Problem today is that many live on “auto-pilot” making the same old, worn out, failed choices over and over again yet wondering why our lives are such disasters.  Life is about choices and God wants us to make right choices.  We can only do that by making CONSCIOUS CHOICES!

Notice in the above verse from the Koran that the angels were surprised when God told them He was making humans His Khalifs on Earth?  The angels were surprised at this because they knew about human corruption and violence.  Allah heard their protest be he went ahead and made humans his representatives on Earth while telling the angels that He knew what they did not know.  He knew that some humans would choose to be evil and corrupt and kill.  But He also knew that others would make the conscious choice to live by God’s Laws and do good.

Humans have the ability to know right from wrong, good from evil, light from darkness.  We have the ability to make choices both unconscious and conscious ones.  We have the ability to decide which path we will follow in our lives, good or bad, creative or destructive.  God has given each of us the freedom of choice and we must use that freedom responsibly.  God gave us all of these abilities because he had TRUST in us.  He believed in us!  He gave us great potential with the expectation that we would build that potential and display it.  Sadly, in today’s world God has been greatly disappointed in our failure to carry out this responsibility.  But we can change that and make God PROUD of us once again by making the CONSCIOUS CHOICE to be what God want us to be.   Will we do that?

God want us to build.  God wants us to explore our potential and build upon it so that we can truly become our highest level of being and, thus, truly become His representatives on Earth His Khalifs and Viceroys.  He wants us to learn from our past mistakes and the mistakes of those who came before us and NOT keep making the same mistakes again and again.  And most of all God wants us to take up our responsibilities as Khalifs and carry out the duties He has entrusted us with.  And what are those duties?  They are:

Believing in God
Doing good deeds
Giving thanks to God even in bad times not only good times
Proclaiming the blessings that God has given us in life
Being caretakers of the Earth creation of of one another
Not being corrupt or evil
Treating others with justice, compassion, mercy, and understanding
Having patience and endurance in all things
Being humble and self disciplined in body, in our thoughts, and in our emotions
Being faithful to God and to God alone

Somewhere along the line of creation we as human beings and as Khalifs MUST take up our God given responsibilities instead of ignoring them and pretending like they were never assigned to us.  Somewhere along the line we must as a species and as individuals begin to BE what GOD intended us to BE!  The question, of course, is WHEN!  When do we make the CONSCIOUS choice to BE ALL THAT WE CAN BE?  All that GOD want us to be!  When do we STOP listening to the evil in the world that prevents us from being our full potential as a species?  When do we stop catering to our selfish egos and start paying homage to our Creator?  When do we make the CONSCIOUS CHOICE to be a Khalif, Ambassador, Viceroy of the Divine?

How about NOW?



Chapter 6

The Value of Knowledge

During the era of the Islamic Golden Age knowledge was highly valued.  Schools and universities were established and scientific inquiry was encouraged throughout the Arab world.  Islamic scholars made many great contributions to human knowledge during this time in all sorts of fields like medicine, philosophy, astronomy, agriculture, etc.  Muslims must once again begin to value knowledge.  We must once again contribute to human knowledge in all disciplines.  Ignorance should be undesirable by every Muslim today.  We must value knowledge and we must seek after knowledge and expand it just as Muslims did during the Golden Age.

Dome1All knowledge comes from God and God desires believers to be wise and knowing.  Allah does not wish that believers live in ignorance!  As True Muslims we must seek knowledge for this is the Will of Allah.  Had He wished us to be ignorant then Allah would have not given us the fantastic minds that we have.  But the FACT is Allah gave each of us a fantastic mind so that we could learn and be wise and value knowledge.  Ignorance is the way to the destruction of a people.  Ignorance ends in self destruction.  This is why Allah desires that we not be ignorant but seek after knowledge.

Muslims must not simply have knowledge of the Qur’an but we must also have knowledge of the sciences and of philosophy.  Muslims have much to contribute to the world and one way to contribute is to gain knowledge and expand it.  God does not want us to be idiots!

Being a fool is easy.  So is being ignorant.  Fools engage in frivolous discourse with the intention of leading the faithful astray.  Their goal is to make a mockery of true faith.  Their goal is to prevent the faithful from attaining knowledge.  Idolators do not want the faithful to have knowledge because they will use it to expose the fools and their foolishness!

“And of men is he who takes instead frivolous discourse to lead astray from Allah’s path without knowledge, and to take it for a mockery…”
Sura 31:6

Endless debate is foolish and never arrives at any real conclusion.  Everything is left up in the air and it makes everything a mockery.  Fools love to argue and call it “debate.”  They will argue endlessly about Allah’s path and usually it is an effort to lead the faithful astray.  The fools has no real knowledge.  Allah does not wish the faithful to be fools or argue endlessly.  He will give us knowledge if we ask and then we must learn that knowledge just not about the Qur’an but about everything else.  All knowledge comes from God but it is not automatic.  We must learn it because He wants us to learn.

Muslims once valued knowledge and the result was an Islamic Golden Age.  When knowledge became restricted  that is when the Golden Age of Islam ended.  When free inquiry was no longer allowed or encouraged the Golden Age began to decline.  I do not think it a sin for people to use the minds Allah has given them.  I do not think it a sin for men to inquire and learn!  I think learning is exactly what Allah wants us to do and that is why He gave us such fantastic minds.

Sadly today there is much ignorance in the world not only among Muslims but everyone else.  The world seems in some ways to no longer value knowledge.  People seem not to want to learn for themselves but just want to be told what is and is not so.  I don’t think this is what Allah had in mind when he created us with our fantastic minds.  Allah does not want us to be stupid fools!

Knowledge begins with respect for Allah.  Foolishness begins elsewhere.  Fools hate wisdom and they hate discipline.

“Knowledge begins with respect for the Lord, but fools hate wisdom and discipline.”
Proverbs 1:7

Proverbs 8 says that the faithful should value knowledge more than the finest gold and silver.

“Choose my teachings instead of silver, and knowledge rather than the finest gold.”
Proverbs 8:10

Wise people are people who have learned knowledge.  Foolish people are people who reject knowledge and who refuse to learn it.

“Wise people use knowledge when they speak, but fools pour out foolishness.”
Proverbs 15:2

“Fools are rewarded with nothing but more foolishness, but the wise are rewarded with Knowledge.”
Proverbs 14:18

Wise people teach knowledge.  Fools teach folly.

“Wise people use their words to spread knowledge, but there is no knowledge in the thoughts of fools.”
Proverbs 15:7

“People with understanding what more knowledge, but fools desire more foolishness.”
Proverbs 15:14

There was a time when Muslim contributed greatly to the world and expanded knowledge.  It must be so again!  We can no longer afford to remain in ignorance nor can we any longer afford someone telling us something.  We must learn for ourselves with Allah’s help and guidance.  Knowledge and inquiry must be encouraged and pursued.  We must use the fantastic minds Allah has given us in the pursuit of knowledge.  To not do so would be an error and it would be a disrespect to God who has given us fantastic minds.  Allah wishes us to learn!  He want us to be wise and knowledgeable not fools!  Yes we must be wise in the teachings of the Qur’an but we must also be wise in the sciences as well.  Every Muslim must make a choice to remain in ignorance or to grow in knowledge.  Foolishness is the road to disaster!  If we have no knowledge then we are fools and our end will be disaster.  We must desire knowledge and wisdom!  We must pursue them and leave behind this ignorance that we’ve seen for so long.  In doing so maybe Muslims will once again lead the world in knowledge as they did during the Golden Age.  And perhaps there will come about a new Golden Age that will surpass that of the past.